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5 Sims Story websites worth checking out!

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It’s not all YouTube and Livestreams!

The Sims Community is full of talented writers who come up with the most creative stories. Here are 5 Sims Story websites that you should definitely check out, and if you think we missed a few good sites, make sure you link them in the comment section below!

1. The Bloomer Legacy

This creative story is about the Bloomers family who come to Newcrest and try to build it from scratch. This legacy comes with 9 Generations and a dozen of chapters for each generation. Each chapter is full of dialogues and content that’ll keep you entertained for hours!


2. MAKPlays’ Stories

You’ll find a huge variety of stories on MAKPlays’ website. From short stories to stories with over 20 chapters, there’s reading material for every reader out there!


3. New Reflections

Not only does this site come with 3 different Stories, but you can also find a handful of Tutorials, Information and Resources to create your own Story.


4. The Triangular Room

Even though The Sims is not the main focus of this Story Website, a huge portion of it is. You can find 2 Legacy stories and a bunch of Sims Tips in The Sims section of this website.


5. Eight Cicadas

A Sims 3 Story based on Supernatural occourances. Grab a cup of tea, some snacks and start reading, because with over 60 in-depth Chapters, you’ll find yourself losing the track of time easily!


Other Story Websites

These websites are just 5 small fish in the huge sea of storytelling. There’s plenty of sites you can find in the Sims Stories section of SC Social or on The Sims Forums.

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