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The Sims 4: Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar Found in Game Files

08 17 16 1 46 45 PM

Just when things couldn’t get more interesting, more stuff have been found in The Sims 4 updated Game Files!

Igor_Ere found this guitar just ‘sitting’ withing The Sims 4 1.22 update files. The first thing he discovered was this render:


But that’s not all, he was also able to uncover and unpack the Guitar itself into a special .package, letting you play it for yourself! (You can download it HERE)

08-17-16_1-46-45 PM

Here’s the description of this object that we found:

Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar

Record keeping is never easy, but we, at the Filers for the Dead Files, are happy to know a simple guitar was more than enough for you to sign away your first born. We, and Grim, appreciate your potential deposit, and wish you pleasant days… until we see you again.

Down below you can see all 8 color variants of this Guitar:

08-17-16_2-16-27 PM

We currently have no idea when and how will this Guitar affect the actual gameplay as the modded Guitar currently doesn’t bring any new interactions, but we think this has something to do with the upcoming Event System.

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