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5 Features we’re hoping to see in The Sims 4 City Life

After the recent leak there’s no doubt that The Sims 4 City Life is happening, but the thing is, we have no idea what this Expansion Pack could bring beyond the City Life name that we got. Until The Sims Team officially announces The Sims 4 City Life and its features, here are 5 features that we’d like to see in this pack:

1. Apartments

Nope, we’re not talking about penthouse apartments from The Sims 3 Late Night, but rather the fully featured apartments that came with The Sims 2 Apartment Life. They were a perfect addition to The Sims 2 mostly because, just like The Sims 4, you had to go through a loading screen in order to load up a lot. What was great with The Sims 2 Apartment Life is that you could visit / move in up to 4 Households in one lot, giving the lot a feeling of one big happy family!


2. An Active Downtown World

The Sims 3 Late Night brought a beautiful world called Bridgeport. The only problem? It was almost empty, with a small amount of Sims that could only be found in Lounges or Clubs. It’s a really big world, and yet most of the time there are no Sims in sight while you roam around town.

The Sims 4 has the huge potential of bringing a new active Downtown world with lively areas/neighborhoods. Sure, you might experience a loading screen or two, but like the current Neighborhoods and Lots in TS4, the Downtown world could be just as active!

So much space and no Sims in sight! Via

3. Fame & Fortune Lifestyle

No pack has brought the Fame & Fortune gameplay aspect better than The Sims 1 Superstar! This Expansion Pack came with a Studio Town, fame score rating system, 2 celebrity awards, usable objects for singing and acting, and even some real-life celebrity names like Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Monroe and more!

With smooth animations and vibrant gameplay, these features would be just perfect for The Sims 4!


4. Reputation System

It’s important what the city thinks of your Sim. Originally introduced in The Sims 2 Apartment Life, the reputation system allowed your Sim to have an easy or hard life, depending on how they treat other Sims while being on community lots. Sims who are publicly nice to other Sims will get benefits such as a job promotion, cheaper objects, and so on, while on the flip side, all of that can work against them, and turn into a negative, if they’re being rude towards other Sims!

Other Sims forming actual opinions about your Sim that will effect your gameplay is just what The Sims 4 City Life could offer to the current emotion features to bring it to the next level!


5. Vampires

The Sims 4 City Life has an opportunity to continue the tradition of bringing vampires with city-themed Expansion Packs like The Sims 2 Nightlife, and The Sims 3 Late Night. Both packs brought something new to the table: Nightlife focused on traditional vampires that possess typical vampire abilities, such as turning in to bats, while Late Night focused more on the new-age vampires that you’ve seen/read in recent pop culture, such as Interview with the Vampire or the Twilight Book Series.

We only have 2 occult types currently in The Sims 4; Ghosts and Aliens, which were added, and expanded upon, in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion. The Sims 4 City Life has the real potential of bringing Vampires into the mix!


What features do you want to see in The Sims 4 City Life? Come share your ideas in our thread!

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  • I mostly want apartments like how they were in TS2 – more households on one lot but playing for just one. And active Downtown would be great too :) I don’t even need vampires they could do them in Supernatural or something :)

  • 2 is probably the main reason I didn’t enjoy Late Night. The huge city was empty. I’d go to a club and there would be just 5 or 6 sims there, half dancing, half just standing around. And it’d be a club that was “the place to be” that night. And any huge city has busy streets and crowded side walks. Bridgeport was a ghost town. A beautiful ghost town, but a ghost town none the less. This is the reason I’m happy the sims 4 ditched the open world. I’d rather wait through short loading screens for an actual lively and active neighborhood.

    • Yes, I love all these ideas plus the romantic interactions that came with Sims 1’s Hot Date EP. I would also like amore careers added like modeling, military, fireman, house designer/architect, fashion designer/stylist, etc. In Sims 2, they also have like a dressmaking skill or something like that. I think that’s pretty cool and maybe, since cosplaying is a thing now, we can have something like that and teens’ moms can create their costume for them or have a dressmaker create it gor them. Then they can go to conventions and stuff. They should also add items we used to have like laptops, vending machines, maybe something like a headset/earbuds so that music loving teens can listen to music while they’re out. I think adults should also be given part time jobs. Please bring back movie theaters, stadiums, city hall, and all the other stuff that brings life to gameplay. Thanks!

    • Could not agree more! Let’s try seasons or generations instead. Make the time they spend working and at home truly meaningful. Apartments are exciting but id rather have toddlers, pets, seasons, generations, island life or basically anything that gives
      Me toddlers!

  • 6. TODDLERS.
    It’s been 2 years. There’s no excuse not to have toddlers by now. My $240 should go to what I WANT, not what you think I want.

        • Toddlers complete the family aspect. If you don’t enjoy creating families then you won’t need them. But for those of us who want a meaningful game, we want to see the families we create go through every single step. Baby to toddler to child to teen to college/adulthood. It’s not natural to have a baby turn into a child and I’m shocked creators haven’t addressed the issue. Fail!

    • Completely agree. I don’t even play the game. I just create for the gallery because it feels so incomplete and meaningless without toddlers!

  • Yes toddlers please! For those that don’t like them have the option opt out. Tho I think most do want them myself included.
    Apartments would be so great as well
    I bet though they will include cars in this one. To tell the truth though I don’t think people miss them that much anymore. Not like the toddlers anyway. Vampires can be withheld at the moment if given a choice I think most will pick toddlers over vampires

  • All or even some of this would be a nice addition and I’m throwing a bit of hope out there that if there are added, they won’t be a glitches mess but I’m mostly not expecting much based on past releases. I’m anticipating features no one asked for or really needed. I pray and hope I’m wrong though.

    • That would be a good idea to have city life. I missed apartment life sims2, everything in it. Vampires on sims2.karoke. bending machines, cars, sims reputation, dancing like solo ect. fireman,penthouse

  • We might need the Acting and Singing active careers and a movie studio lot for you to take tours and act in shows and movies, and a recording studio lot for your Sims to sing with. It would be cool.

  • Living in a city is usually less safe then a small town. Fingers crossed for burgulars, and with them, firemen and cops!
    Maybe even elevators and escape ladders?
    But I do believe if they stick with sims 2 style apartments, not sims 3, sims 4 could really make it fun.
    Also I think that if they ever did add toddlers, it’d likely be a free update/patch so I don’t expect it in this expansion. Though I’m not adverse to paying for them, I sunk $15 into a wishing well that eats all my sims money after all.