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The Sims 4 City Living: Neighborhoods, New Objects and More! (Livestream Facts)

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SimGuruJill and SimGuruRomeo hosted the latest Sims 4 City Living Stream giving us a whole host of new information!  Below is the breakdown of the content we learned about in the stream:


Note: Not all of the things below are exclusive to the areas listed under it’s just where best to use or find them!

Arts Quarter:

Home to the Humour and Hijinks Festival, the bohemian Arts Quarter is beloved by musicians, artists and all manner of creative types.

  • The Arts Quarter has an overall Moroccan influence and was inspired by San Francisco. With visually striking structures and colours.
  • Includes a New Venue Type, the Arts Centre. The Arts Centre is different from a museum as you can create art there using a painters station, clay, woodworking station and a music centre. An appreciation of the arts area, as such.
  • A good place to paint murals, these can be placed on the ground and on the walls as long on a buildable lot or street. They can also be resized using the size up/down cheat. Increases the painting skill. These can also help in the Politics Carrer if you want to leave your mark in the world.
  • A perfect place to sell art using the new object Street Gallary. You carry the street gallery in your inventory and take it anywhere to set up shop and sell your pictures and paintings!
  • Craft Sales Table, another new object. Same as the street gallery, you can sell objects on the street. If the item can go into your sims inventory, you can sell it on the table. For example frogs, wood worked items and children can sell lemonade!
  • Street performer.  The Living statue is one of the street performers you can meet on the streets of San Myshuno. To watch them just click on the performer and select the option to watch. From there you can Wave, Scare, Tease and Tip the performer! A little fun thing is that when you tip the statue they will gift you with a golden street performer outfit plus, once you equip, can earn tips yourself! The outfit comes in an astronaut and a cowboy design.

Myshuno Meadows:

While not directly a neighbourhood, this is the new park included in San Myshuno. I gave it a mention because it works like the bluffs and ruins in Windenburg, so a special venue/lot type. It’s a 64×64 lot so gives builders lots of space. It comes with a wedding venue built in, while not a new venue type it’s more the park dressed ready for a wedding to take place. Also, here we got to see a new object which is Fireworks! Fireworks can be timed to go off when a certain event occurs say, for example, if in the vicinity of a wedding when the couple kisses fireworks will shoot up!

Spice Market:

A family neighbourhood famous for its Spice Festivals, Flea Market and dockland views.

  • Cheapest place to live
  • Seatle inspired
  • Includes the New Basketball Object. The footprint and the hoop itself are separate objects so you can have a hoop inside an apartment.
  • Has New Object the Performance Base. Can be used to busk if you have either a Guitar or a Violin in your inventory and are around level 3 or 4.
  • Also has a Karaoke Venue.
  • Flea Market: You can sell items which you no longer want. Also, they pop up randomly and you can buy cheap but maybe not so good quality items.

Fashion District:

Popular with young and trendy Sims, the Fashion District is also home to the Romance Festival and GeekCon.

  • Not too expensive
  • Tokyo-inspired deco, with a Zen garden
  • Home to the New Karaoke Venue. Here you can work on your singing skill and have a fun time out with friends!


The luxurious heart of the City, Uptown is home to the rich, powerful… and slightly odd.

  • Has a Gym Venue
  • Where you can find the New Speech Podium. Any Sim can make a speech!
  • Floating above San Myshuno
  • Most expensive place to live


Food Carts: Now these carts aren’t a permanent item. They disappear and re-appear randomly. The types of carts we know so far are Chinese, Mexican, Sushi, Ramen, Indian, American Food, Tea and Hot Drinks, Filipino, Vietnamese.Also, located Uptown, we have Uptown Food Stall, Uptown Japanese Food Stall and Uptown Cupcake Stall (Item Description: Uptown Sims get a stall that serves cupcakes. Of course they do). Also, you can hire NPCs to staff them.

Memorial / History Plagues: They contain historical information about the area your Sim is in. There are 6, and once you read all 6 you get an achievement.

Snow Globes / Posters: Each festival has one, in boxes around the streets. They are collectables like elements or my sims statues.

Dynamic Sign: How to get notifications on the festivals currently going on! It glows to let you know.

Chair: The first plastic folding chair!

One Tile Desk: Perfect for those small homes.

Art: Lots of new paintings and wall decorations.

Sim Options

New Death: There is a new way to die in City living and that’s through food poisoning. More specifically, when you eat a puffer fish dish. When your Sim consumes a puffer fish dish they have a chance to be hit with a status effect and then die.

Sim Interactions: Your Sim can learn a little more about the area they in by clicking on the Sim and selecting the option ‘Read Guide Book About…..’ They can also ‘Practice Singing’ and ‘Sing Song’.

New Aspiration: Catagory – Location. ‘City Native: This Sim is all about the city life.’ This guides you through the new content, painting murals, criticising things and going to festivals!

New Traits: Vegetarian, with this one if your sim eats meat they will become uncomfortable. Also the Unflirty trait, a throwback to The Sims 3.

New CareersArt Critic – Go around and critic art at festivals, centres and museums.  Political Career. Giving Speeches and work your way up to rule the world.

Strange Sims: 2-6 am in game time, all the strange sims come out. The Racoon picks fights, you’ll see old people in pj’s and a guy in a wrestling mask running around.

New Radio Station: Cultural Station, Japanese style music. 

New recipes: To learn you need to eat the food at stalls and festivals. There are 25 or so in all. 

Basketball: Win 73 basketball games and you win a trophy 

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