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City Living: 5 objects we should’ve gotten instead of a talking toilet

The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack introduces a new object with gameplay never-before seen in The Sims Franchise. Yup, I’m talking about the talking toilet. This object lets your Sim multitask like never before – allowing your Sim to take care of their bladder need while watching a holographic image . Yeah, this object is somewhat fun to play with but compared to what we could’ve got in The Sims 4 City Living this object is just a filler in the build mode catalog.

Here are 5 objects that I’m sure all of us would appreciate more and play more regularly:

1) The Elevator

The Sims 4 City Living ruined a perfect opportunity to bring functional elevators to the game. Both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 brought functional elevators that, even though they didn’t do much, were still fun for your Sims to woohoo in and travel faster between different stories.

City Living has elevators in apartments and penthouses, but they only serve decor purposes. When you click on them to go downstairs your Sim will quickly teleport from their apartment to outside. If only The Sims Team didn’t spend so much time on animating the talking toilet and focused on animating elevators. Seriously though, I’d be just as happy if they didn’t bring nothing new except allow Sims to get in and travel up and down.


2) The Blender

Seriously though, why was creating a talking toilet of a bigger priority than introducing an object that was often used in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3?!


3) Small Telescope

Placing The Sims 4 telescopes that are 6×5 big on apartment balconies just isn’t doable. Was a talking toilet really a bigger necessity than a telescope that would easily fit on any lot?


4) It’s MYSHUNO!

It’s MYSHUNO is an object that originally came with The Sims 2. It sort of played like a bingo – Sims would pull out a plumbob out of a tank and read it out loud. If you’re playing with a group, Sims will record their numbers and repeat the process until a winning Sim shouts ”MYSHUNO”. Although this object isn’t much of an use for your Sim’s everyday needs, having Sims gather around in San MYSHUNO to play this game would certainly make much more sense than watching your Sim talk to their toilets from time to time.


5) Washing Machine

It seems like The Sims Team had plans to re-introduce washing machines which made their debut in The Sims 3 Ambitions. Still, it seems like nothing can compete against talking toilets…


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  • I like the fact that the travel animations are not included with elevators because they make the process of leaving the apartment to the open street really long (the teleport mechanism is really good). On the other hand they could’ve implemented animations for woohoo like in the walk-in-closets form Get Together and still make it so your sims would teleport to the open street. The talking toilet it’s something that exists in real life Japan and since San Myshuno (Fashin District) was inpired by Tokyo (and Japanese culture) I think it’s a nice and fun addition. Anyway the washing machines would be AWSOME.

  • Forget the washing machine (or not, because honestly that washing machine looks awesome), I want the couch that also folds into a bed! How cool is that?! And how practical for … say it with me … city living! That mini fridge would have been most welcome, as well. Built into the lower cabinets? Sign me up! And a toaster? And a tea kettle? Except for a bathroom, that’s everything your sim needs (including a computer desk!), right there, in a 6×4 room.

    Seriously, I’ve been playing CL for about a week now, and I’ve not once been even tempted to use the talking toilet.

  • I can honestly say I have never used a talking toilet in any of my builds. I would have probably used everything that was listed here.

  • I’m honestly tired of this constant need to add more frat/toilet humor to the game. But not nearly as tired of them cutting corners everywhere. The sims 4 lacks so much attention to detail that is seriously hurting my enjoyment of the game. I was already annoyed to see my sims disappear on the sidewalk when they go to work, and now they do it too to get out of apartments apparently. Just one more thing to add to the disappointments list. I didn’t buy this EP because the apartments was the only interest I had and they turned out to be as limited as everything else on this game. I honestly think I’ll just give up on TS4 and pray TS5 (if there will be one) will be less limited and shallow.

  • I think its obvious, that all this items will be included in future game packs and stuff packs, you know, to be sure that people will buy it.

  • I would’ve definitely preferred functional elevators over a talking toilet. Honestly, “pretty” is all I can say about City Living right now. I installed the pack, loaded it up the game, tore down the park to place a lot… and shut it off. I just got… bored. I wanted to explore this pack, but the second I actually got to the map view of San Myshuno, my interest disappeared.

  • I hate talking toilets and stereos. My sims will leave what they’re doing to talk to the thing or dance. Drives me nuts.