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The Sims 4 December 1st Patch: Broken Clubs and Mods


Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you a little heads up that today’s patch has destroyed the club system.  EA is aware of it and working on it.  In the meantime, make sure you have your save copy/pasted somewhere outside the TS4 folder because updating will mess up your clubs.

The issue:

Clubs that have over 6 members will lose their two extra members.  You cannot add them back.  If you get enough points to do so, as soon as you save/exit and go back then you will lose those two members.  Also, clubs are not meeting where they should meet.  As you can see in the screens below, my club is set to meet at any bar.  Does that house look like any bar?  When I clicked on “start gathering”, the game took them to a vacant house.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Since the patch just went live a few hours ago and people are just starting to find things.

Today’s patch also appears to have messed up mods that deal with occult states (think aliens for now) and CAS.

Link to the official forum where SimGuruNick has posted that he is aware of the issue.  Keep an eye on that thread to see when this gets fixed.

Screens from my save showing the issue (the club had 8 members prior to the patch):


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I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.

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