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The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour: The Vanity Table / Globe Bar

Along with the Butler NPC, The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour also comes with 2 new gameplay objects: The Vanity Table and The Globe Bar! Both of these objects bring new gameplay for both kids and adults, so let’s dive in!

The Vanity Table

There are 2 variations of the vanity table in this Stuff Pack. The one on the left is 455 Simoleons while the one on the right is 825 Simoleons. Both bring the same interactions, animations and gameplay.


Along with the usual mirror interactions, the vanity table lets you apply makeup from the base game using the following interactions that have been categorized into different color variations:

  • Blacks / Grays…
    • Black Eyeliner / Coral Lips
    • Black Eyeliner /Satin Pink Lips
    • Black Eyes / Glossy Orange Lips
    • Black Eyes / Pink Lips
    • Black Eyes / Satin Black Lips
    • Brown & Gray / Coral Lips
    • Gray Eyes / Coral Lips
    • Gray Eyes / Glossy Pink Lips
    • Gray Eyes / Red Lips
  • Blues…
    • Blue Eyes / Glossy Blue Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Glossy Pink Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Pink Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Red Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Rose Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Satin Bronze Lips
    • Blue Eyes / Satin Pink Lips
  • Browns…
    • Beige Eyes / Dark Red Lips
    • Beige Eyes / Red Lips
    • Bronze Eyes / Glossy Pink Lips
    • Brown Eyes / Coral Lips
    • Brown Eyes / Pink Lips
    • Brown Eyes / Rose Lips
    • Brown Eyes / Satin Red Lips
  • Goth…
    • Black Cat Eyes
    • Black Eyeliner
    • Black Eyes
    • Black Eyes / Satin Black Lips
    • Black Eyes / Satin Red Lips
    • Brown Eyes
    • Light Blue Eyes / Pink Lips
    • Red Eyes
  • Greens / Turquoises…
    • Green Eyes / Bronze Lips
    • Green Eyes / Glossy Pink Lips
    • Green Eyes / Red Lips
    • Green Eyes / Satin Coral Lips
    • Green Eyes / Satin Pink Lips
    • Turquoise Eyes / Coral Lips
    • Turquoise Eyes / Rose Lips
    • Turquoise Eyes / Satin Red Lips
  • Pinks / Purples / Golds…
    • Gold Eyes / Glossy Pink Lips
    • Magenta Eyes / Red Lips
    • Mauve Eyes / Coral Lips
    • Mauve Eyes / Glossy Coral Lips
    • Pink Eyes / Glossy Coral Lips
    • Plum Eyes / Satin Red Lips
    • Purple Eyes / Satin Violet Lips
    • Violet Eyes / Red Lips
  • Silvers…
    • Silver & Black / Satin Bronze Lips
    • Silver & Blue / Rose Lips
    • Silver & Blue / Satin Blue Lips
    • Silver & Blue / Satin Red Lips
    • Silver & Brown / Satin Beige Lips
    • Silver & Brown / Satin Red Lips
    • Silver & Green / Satin Coral Lips
    • Silver & Pink / Pink Lips

Kids can use the vanity table too! However, as they cannot wear makeup they can only use the Play with Makeup interaction.

There are 2 buffs that your child sim might get after performing this interaction: Glamorous and Oops. Each buff lasts for 4 hours, giving your child sim a temporary makeup on their face that might or might not look so pretty..

Globe Bar

The Globe Bar can be purchased for 310 Simoleons. It brings ¸5 exclusive drinks that you can pour into the globe bar:

  • Bacciform Firkin (13 Simoleons)
  • Old Yorkfield Classic 16 (17 Simoleons)
  • Simadder Cherry Sap (20 Simoleons)
  • Black Fern (Mixology Level 5) (36 Simoleons)
  • McDillan’s Single Nect (Mixology Level 8) (42 Simoleons)

You can also pour up 4 drinks on a drink platter!


Depending on your Sim’s traits, there are 4 trait-based interactions that you can perform on the globe:

  • Ponder Exotic Locals (Loves Outdoors Trait)
  • Ponder World Domination (Evil Trait)
  • Search for My Name (Childish Trait)
  • Contemplate the Big Picture (Genius Trait)


Child Sims can use the globe to study using the Study Globe interaction which’ll help them build their Mental Sill!


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  • Have anyone moded the vanity table? Its very few of the actual sets my sim uses… many of them looks very “over the top” and tbh a bit silly in my opinion!