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Sims 3 Builder Spotlight: Aricarai

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Hi, I’m Jason Sterling. I find building inspiration within the entire span of the Simming world. As such, I focus on all the Sims iterations, including the original Sims. Today, we are going to meet a builder working in the Sims 3. That builder is Aricarai (Pronounced like EricaRay). Her build is the Fire Starter house. A “starter” built for a BuildNShare Challenge on the Sims Forum. The budget requirement was $16,500. A sim in the Sims 3 receives this amount when starting in the game. As well, the budget had to include the cost of the lot.

It’s available on the Sims 3 Exchange

Sims 3 Builder Spotlight: Aricarai

First of all, the Sims design challenges contain a lot of great builds. Therefore, it’s a unique moment when something strikes me as both well done and inspired. That was the case with this build. I participated in this challenge as well. I took an approach, like many others, of doing a “new” build. It was a small build with inexpensive furnishings but still “new”.  However, Arcarai chose to create an “old, converted structure”. In this case, a former fire station standing waterside with the beautiful Bridgeport Skyline in the background. That was the inspiration that caught my attention.

I really appreciate the thought put into creating this starter home. Aricarai has made great use of the CASt system for distressing. Further she has chosen items that look just “poor” enough. For a small build it has two bedrooms with the potential for a third. This makes it suitable for not just a single sim but also a small family. However, there are three specific things that impress me with their forethought regarding future use and creator skill.

  • The staircase continues to the roof. As a result, this allows the roof to be used immediately as an exterior deck and entertainment space on the small 20×15 lot.
  • The garage door is actually a garage door. It opens and closes as normal creating an awesome indoor/outdoor feel to the build.
  • Aricarai has created a fireplace on the first floor using special effects generators and a window. It’s actually quite brilliant. I love it. It’s not something that comes across well in pictures. You will just have to fully see it when you download it.

You can see a selection of pictures from this build along with some information from the builder herself below.

Sims 3 Builder Spotlight: Aricarai

– “Because of The Sims franchise, I took an AutoCAD class in high school. Then, I originally went to university to study architecture and interior design. However, after two years at uni, I realised math wasn’t my strong suit (read: I couldn’t pass the class – haha!). I switched to architectural history. I was able to learn all about different architectural styles and buildings all over the world. Sims is a great creative outlet. I’m able to get my architecture and design fix through pixels.”

Aricarai’s Official Forum Creative Thread

Sims 3 Builder Spotlight: Aricarai

– “I started out as a family player with The Sims and The Sims 2. However, I grew tired of my vampire family after 14 generations and The Sims 3 Showtime. I came to the forums then and entered a building contest (oh boy – what a horrible build and the atrocity is still in my studio!). Ever since then, I’ve classed myself as a builder and decorator, always learning and looking for new tips and tricks to improve my builds. Back in the day of The Sims 3 forums, I was always in the Gift Gathering section either hosting or participating in contests and challenges. It really helped me grow as a builder. Now, I spend a lot of time participating in the BuildnShare Challenges.”

Sims 3 Builder Spotlight: Aricarai

– “In July 2013, I was asked to join the DNA Request Team. I am still a part of it today and find it an incredible honor. I’ve recently decided to join the Twittersphere and to make YouTube videos for the Sims. I’m still working on my first speed build for YouTube. I’ve got a Sims notebook full of video ideas (keep an eye out for my atrocious first build!). I’m super excited to be able to share my creations in another way with a wider audience!”

YouTube (watch this space)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this example of the talented Sims 3 builder and designer, Aricarai. Lastly, I found a video from Youtuber Adam Slade that features a walk through of one of Aricarai’s builds. You can see his point of view here:

 Thank-you for joining me for this spotlight. Do you have a builder, from any of the Sims games, that you really admire? If so, please post a pic or a link to their work below. They may be in the Spotlight in the future.  Please join me next time.

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