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The Sims Mobile: New Features and Improvements! (Version 2.5.0)

The latest The Sims Mobile update brought a ton of new features and improvements to the game. Let’s dig in!

New Intro

New players of The Sims Mobile will be greeted with a short but sweet intro at the beginning! You can check out how it looks like in the video below captured by Arsen Girl Gaming.

Thought Bubbles

FINALLY – Sims in The Sims Mobile now have thoughts! Their thoughts are portrayed by actual emojis of your device. If you’re using Android – Android emojis will appear in the bubbles and vice versa for iOS.

Confidence and Risky Actions

This feature is one of the biggest game changers in this update. Players are able to boost their confidence by performing career, hobby or social interactions.

With the confidence they gain they’ll be able to perform risky interactions. The benefit of performing risky interactions is that they’ll earn a big amount of event points if they succeed. If they don’t they’ll still get some event points.

The probability of your Sims succeeding in a risky interaction is shown in the stumble / success bar down below. You’ll be able to get better chances of succeeding by performing more event interactions which will level up your confidence.

Sims will also react differently to success and failure:

The Good Upbringing Trait

Your babies, toddlers and children now have a much bigger meaning. Taking care of your little ones will eventually trigger a “Bundle of Joy” event option which lasts for 30 minutes.

After finishing this event you’ll unlock a new trait for your baby / toddler / child called Good Upbringing.

With each Bundle of Joy event you’ll be able to progress and level up the Good Upbringing trait which will make that Sim perform really well at all events once they grow up.

New Attire

There’s some cool new clothing included in this update. Some are ported from The Sims 4 and some are made exclusively for The Sims Mobile!

Event Success UI

You’ll now have a complete overview of all items you’ve earned after completing an event.

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