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The Sims 4 Road To Fame Mod is already getting big new features


We did a thorough playtest of SACRIFICAL’s brand new Road To Fame Mod for The Sims 4 just 2 days ago and the creator is already promising some big new features for this mod.

The creator of this mod is working hard to implement some new features like Bodyguards NPCs which are supposed to protect your celebrity Sim. Here’s what he shared what he’s working on right now:

You’ll have special interactions with the bodyguards once You hire them like Paparazzi & Fans.

And You can set their behavior “The way they act” from a menu once You click on them.

I also want to add interactions where You can order them to do specific things like:

  • Fight a sim “You’ll have a Sim Picker menu to choose which sim the paparazzi should fight with”
  • Slap a sim
  • Throw drink at a sim

And I want to make it that sims who’s been mistreated by the bodyguards might sue You for an amount of money.

Of course I’ll add more interactions to them after I release them once I work on “Haters” & “Obsessed Fans”

It’s not ready yet, I’m working on it & I hope that it won’t take that long to finish it.


Here’s a screenshot of bodyguards that should arrive in one of Road To Fame’s upcoming updates:

The Sims 4 Road To Fame Mod is already getting big new features

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