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This is your one-time opportunity to get Spooky Stuff

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate it than to get The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack (if you haven’t already). No, not because it’s a halloween-themed pack that fits Halloween festivities this month but because it’s ONLY 5 DOLLARS on Origin!

This is the lowest price any Stuff Pack in The Sims Franchise has reached. For just $4,99 you can enjoy in more than 60 new items that revolve around costumes, spooky new objects and a unique halloween-themed party!

Wanna know what’s included in this Stuff Pack? Check out the following articles:

This spooky sale lasts for only 7 days – ending on October 17th at 10AM PDT. If you don’t have this Stuff Pack yet this is your unique opportunity to finally get it!

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  • LOL they’re selling this shit pack for $5 because no one buys it. It is the lamest and most useless pack ever made for the Sims franchise. The fact that the gurus thought this pack was a good idea and went so far as to waste months producing it blows my mind. Who wants a halloween pack featuring lame ass Party City costumes and a bunch of crap decor when there is no halloween or anything in the game? $5 is still asking too much for this garbage! I’d consider buying it only if it was $0.99 and even then I probably still wouldn’t!

    • They’re selling it for only $5 cause they just released a 50% off sale for ALL sims 4 packs not just this pack. Just because it hasn’t got any use for you doesn’t mean it hasn’t for others. Sure it might not be a pack that is the most popular but it is a seasonal pack, it still got sold to lots of people. Tons of simmers also said they’re waiting to buy this pack until seasons is out so there is still another profit in the future. Considering this was the first pack to introduce more than one gameplay object and wasn’t focused on modern living it was a breath of fresh air at the time.