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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet 101

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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet 101

Early Access code provided by EA!

Many of you I know are eager to get stuck in and start creating your Pets for when the game comes out on Friday! This article is going to take a look at some of the features in the new Create-A-Pet feature and how easy it is to create your purrfect pet companion!

How do I go about creating a Pet?

At the bottom left hand corner of the screen where you would add a new Sim just click add, then click the paw print and then choose whether you want a Cat or Dog.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet 101

Step One: Do you want a Cat or Dog as your Pet?

Now this may seem like an easy question but it doesn’t just stop there. You then have the choice of having a kitten/puppy, an adult cat/dog or an edler cat/dog. Once you have made that choice you then have to decide on if you are going to have a preset breed of cat or dog or if you are feel adventurous creating a mixed breed.

Step Two: Face Detail, Body & Tails

A nice easy step to get started is that you can choose one of the preset body shapes which is the same as if you were chooisng a preset body when creating a Sim. Alternativley you can create your  own body shape for your pet. Tails are excatly the same. You can use the one that your pet has when you first select them or you can choose from several different presets.

For your pets face you can really go into lots of detail. You can have different coloured eyes, different ear shapes, nose and face shape just like how you can change it when you create a Sim and there are plenty of presets to choose from too. Detail Edit Mode also allows you to customize your pet even more.

Step Three: Coat Colour/Patterns & Fur

Once you’ve chosen you Pet’s Body and Tail you can to start to make your pet unique and stand out from the others. Do you want a pink and blue polka dot Tuxedo cat or an orange Huskey? Then go ahead! The possibilities are endless. Seriously they are.

As for Fur you can choose from a selection of presets for both Cats and Dogs. Depending on the breed of Cat or Dog depends on the types of fur you can get as well.

Step Four: Pet Clothing

Apart from the traditional collar or bandana you can dress your pet up as a taco, a hot dog, a rainbow dinosaur, a unicorn, a shark, wear a unicorn headband, wear a top hat and so much more. So items of clothing are specifically for cats and the same for dogs.

Step Five: Paint Mode

One of the most anticipated features of Create-A-Pet was the paint mode which is very similar to The Sims 3’s Create-A-Style feature. This feature is really easy & fun to use and again the possibilities of customizng your pet is endless. With the paint brush mode you what ever you do on one side of the pet will automatically copy to the otherside. The same with the stamp mode and also with the stencils as well. You can change the size of the brush/stamp and also rotate the position too.

Step Six: Traits & Naming Your Pet

Naming your pet and giving them three traits really helps bring out your Pet’s personality and that what makes them stand out from the others! Both cats and dogs have their own set of traits from!

Step Seven:

Finish of your household. Find a home. Get exploring the beautiful Brindleton Bay and say hello to a world full of Cats & Dogs!

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet 101


The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet 101

Early Access code provided by EA!

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