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4 Challenges for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs you should try out


Looking for more challenges with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs that will give you new ways to play? Check out these 4 cool challenges submitted by our members on Sims Community Social!

For more information about each challenge click on the challenge names below!

Family Vets Challenge

You are a single sim with an adopted child, you are a professional writer but with your extra money you are secretly building a veterinary clinic on a small piece of land in Brindleton Bay. Your adopted child grows up with a dog in the house and wants to be a vet when he/she grows up. When the child grows into a teen that’s when you bring him or her to the clinic you have been building but not using. That is when you and your child run the clinic and this clinic goes on through the generations.

The Pet Pedigree Challenge

Your goal is it to establish a pedigree, starting with the progenitor pet, that encompasses 10 generations of cats/dogs. Your caretaker may marry and have children, but they are not allowed to take a job. Their job is to take care of the pets. They may paint or write to earn money, however. Your first goal is it to establish a bond between caretaker and progenitor, and to raise the progenitor pet to adult. After the progenitor has reached the adult lifestage, it is time to find them a mate.

Wags To Riches Challenge

The rules to this challenge are quite simple – you have to open up a Vet Clinic and earn your way to 5 stars. There is a plot twist though – the only source of your Household income is breeding and selling your Cats & Dogs.

Crazy Catlady Challenge

There are two versions of this challenge. The first version is simple and it requires you to have one Sim with 7 kittens with various traits who you should guide and raise successfully to their adulthood. The second version revolves around befriending and adopting 7 strays.

Have a challenge idea for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs? Why not submit it to our Challenges Forum!

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