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The Sims Mobile Survey Suggests Upcoming Features and Content

The Sims Mobile Team has just recently started putting out a survey in countries where the game has soft-launched. This survey pops out randomly after launching the game on your phone.

Members of the Brazilian Facebook Group Sims Time were able to get the link to the survey. Although it’s in Portugese, we used Google Translate to translate some of the interesting parts. Most aspects of this interview cover current features of the game and the interest in further using those features but some sections of this survey talk about upcoming features as well:

Rate your level of interest in seeing the implementation of each of the following potential features in The Sims Mobile.

Weekly Design Competitions – Participate in weekly design competitions. Decorate your house according to different themes, like ‘Fun in the sun’ or ‘Winter paradise’ and send your designs to the voting for the other players. Earn rewards for being the design with the most votes.

Dynamic Events – Explore special events that reflect what is happening in the real world, such as music festivals or holidays. Socialize with other Sims at these events.

Neighborhoods – Play in cooperation with other groups of Sims players with our neighborhood feature.Work as a team for common goals, such as improving a clubhouse or offering services to others using your careers and hobbies.

Popular Sims – Vote for Sims at parties to name them at weekly themed competitions. (Better dressed, wackier Visual). Players with the highest rankings will receive rewards and recognition.

Visit Homes – Visit your friends’ homes and check out their Sims.

Please rate your level of interest in seeing each of the following types of brands in The Sims Mobile.

  • Brands of sweets and snacks (for example: Lays, Hershey’s)
  • Footwear brands (for example: Convers, Vans)
  • Restaurant brands (eg Jamba Juice, Baskin Robins)
  • Soft drink brands (eg Lipton, Coca-Cola)
  • Internet of Things (for example: Alexa, Google Home)
  • Clothing brands (for example: H & M, Forever 21)
  • Accessory brands (for example: Swatch, Claire’s)
  • Applications (ex: Spotify, Amazon)
  • Beauty marks (for example: Sephora, Maybelline)
  • Brands of household furniture (eg Ikea, Crate & Barrel)

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  • “Although it’s in Brazilian…” okay but it’s not in “Brazilian” because that’s not even a language haha it’s in Portuguese actually, that is the language that we speak in Brazil.

  • Nope sims mobile has not impressed me yet. Unfortunately sims freeplay is still kicking it’s butt for a lot of reasons. Sims mobile is a nickel dimeing greedy boring game. Fortunately I’m still giving it a chance hoping for great changes but I’m now starting to lose hope. For now only sims freeplay gets my money & I will not spend a dime in sims mobile cause their prices are unlegit overpriced & not worth the value at all & the energy cap they added too sims mobile in August 2017 was when I stopped putting money into sims mobile.
    Well everybody enjoy the greedy holiday event that’s there to eat up the only sim cash u got.
    U would think seems it’s the holidays they would be generous.
    I can’t buy no holiday stuff from the home store…unaffordable!