Jungle Adventure

The Sims 4: Adventure-Themed Game Pack is coming Winter 2018

The Sims Team has just confirmed in their latest Quarterly Teaser that the sixth Game Pack for The Sims 4 will be adventure-themed!

We don’t have a specific name of this pack but we can speculate about what the pack can bring.

Thiis Game Pack is expected to release this Winter and we can expect more information as we get closer to the release date.

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  • I’m curious how you know it’s adventure-themed. I haven’t seen any confirmation about that.

    Logically there’ll be 5 lots- this is a GP after all- so there’ll be a couple of campsites/hostels/hotels/whatever, and one big pyramid to explore.

    If one pyramid makes a pack adventure-themed, then I guess Outdoor Retreat was hermit-themed.

    • I agree, but I very much doubt campsites would be included. Maybe a new stay based location. It wouldn’t make sense to repeat the same layout as OR such as campsites. Although I’m trying to figure out how that skeleton fits in…

    • Oh, and I don’t think their will be a pyramid. A tomb of some sort probably. But a pyramid doesn’t feel too fitting to what I have seen.

      • My Guess: Most likely a South American style ruin, going by the iconography and what we can gather from the few pieces in the trailer. By pyramid, it’s most likely going to be Mesoamerican in style like Palenque, not a standard Egyptian pyramid. If we’re lucky we’ll get a temple complex (palace, ceremonial site, etc.) as opposed to just a “tomb” or a single pyramid. (also, classical pyramids WERE tombs).

        This would be nice as we’d get a jungle-esque map, and it would be something unique and interesting as opposed to the predictable locations we saw in World Adventures.

    • I don’t know, temple ruins/tombs and a skeleton w/ an adventurer’s hat on (not to mention the explorer-style clothing shown) seems to say “adventure” or “exploration” theme. Not to mention the history of Maxis output, the style of the icon, etc. What else do you think it’d be?

      I’m guessing a few lodging lots, maybe one for food/venue/whatever, and a temple/ruin complex to EXPLORE (see: adventure).

      Your analogy (“If one pyramid makes a pack adventure-themed, then I guess Outdoor Retreat was hermit-themed”) doesn’t work, b/c no one is saying the pack is skeleton themed. The hermit was one component of exploring granite falls.

    • I’m guessing new info on this pack would come in late January early Febuary, I predict this pack would release late Febuary, (which is most probably correct because March is Spring, not winter) also note GPs come out exactly 2 weeks after their first trailer.

  • I think it’s important to remember that The Sims 3 World Adventures and The Sims 2 Bon Voyage were both expansion packs. We did not have game packs at that time; therefore, it makes sense that this addition to The Sims 4 would be smaller in scope than the adventure- and travel-themed add-ons we have seen before. We’ll be paying half the price, so I don’t expect something huge. I do hope it’s exciting and worth the $20 USD, though.

    Happy Simming!