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The Sims 4: Summer Camp Challenge

11 08 17 12 44 43 AM

The Summer Camp challenge is created by Ingridzcoco but is based on the techniques used in The Island Challenge which was orginally created by Simproved.

Now you might be asking your self what the Summer Camp Challenge actually is? If you have played The Island Challenge you might already have an idea as to what is instore. Well the Summer Camp Challenge is described by Ingridzcoco in the games tutorial as;

Mum and dad are fed up with the teenagers at home – they can’t stand any more of their rebelliousness. It’s time for them to grow up before they start their final year in high school, so they’ve sent them to your renowned Summer Camp for Troubling Teens. There, they might learn (or not) how to behave once and for all.


To finish the challenge you have to have at least three Sims earn all of the challenge badges. Once a Sim earns all the badges they can leave camp providing they don’t die first.

So are you ready for the challenge? You can find all of the details from the rules to starting the challenge and everything in between here.

Also be sure to check out Ingridzcoco latest video that explains the challenge.

Translated subtitles are avalaible in the video settings

Click the link to read more about the Summer Camp Challenge

Let us know what you think of the challenge and share any screenshots over on SC Social or Twitter!

Happy Simming!

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