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SimGuruGrant debunks a crazy rumor about why Burglars are not in The Sims 4

Back in September 2017 we reported about a post that was written on The Sims Forums, where a person claimed that they have insider information about why Burglars are not added to The Sims 4. The forum poster claimed that the main reason why the team didn’t include them in the game is because burglars might “trigger” sensitive players.

However, SimGuruGrant has just recently addressed this information, saying that the only true reason why burglars are not in the game is because they haven’t made them yet.

There goes another rumor straight into the hoax trash bin! :)

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      • Well, at the time, he wasn’t a Sim Guru. He took time off as a guru for quite a while, which is why I personally was so surprised to see him back as a guru, but I was pretty happy because he’s always been one of my favorites.

        Months ago, during Cats and Dogs streams, Romeo introduced himself as “SimGuruRomeo”, JM introduced himself as “SimGuruJM” and he simply introduced himself as “Grant Rodiek” because he, at the time, wasn’t a guru.

        Plus, it does seem he fully had no clue about it.
        It wasn’t addressed by anyone at the time, so it possibly went under the radar by Maxis and all of the gurus at the time. It seems they’re more active (with Kate as CM) in reports by websites now though.

  • i don’t believe rumors unless there is PROOF. there was solid proof of seasons. they were working on it long before pets.

  • Beware the toilet thieves.

    But seriously, how did this rumour have a basis when vampires break in and feast off your sims?

  • The rumor sounded like a reach months ago when it was reported, in the first place.
    I thought it was pretty dumb back then to even report on it, no matter what the person on the forums said or has said in the past.

  • i hope they bring these back and the firefighters. i didn’t understand the point of a fire alarm.. if there’s to be no firefighters to show up and deal with it.

  • I, for one, am glad that there are no burglars in the Sims 4. They sound like they’d just be a nuisance. I know people want realism, but some parts of reality just suck. I want the Sims to be more fun than real life.