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Learning Your Tools: The Sims 4 MorphMaker (Create your own CAS Sliders)

The Sims 4 MorphMaker Tutorial

The Sims 4 MorphMaker allows you to make sliders and presets for Create-a-Sim! This tutorial requires you to have general knowledge of Blender. This tutorial was written for Windows users.

The program was created by CmarNYC over at ModTheSims!

Programs Needed:


  • Section 1 – Installing & Setting Up
  • Section 2 – Making a Slider for Create-a-Sim
  • Section 3 – Making a Preset for Create-a-Sim


Installing & Setting Up

Step 1

Download TS4 MorphMaker at ModTheSims.

You will only need the first file in the download, as pictured below. You do not need the source code.

Step 2

Using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip, unzip the file you just downloaded.

Place the new folder somewhere that you can get to it easily. Like your desktop.

Step 3

Now we need to install Blender 2.75. If you already have this version of Blender installed, you can skip this step.

You can find direct download links for Blender 2.76 here: 64 bit or 32bit

Install whichever version is required for your computer.

Making a Slider for Create-a-Sim

In this section we will be going over how to make a custom Slider for The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim. We will be going step by step in creating a up and down slider for female butts!

The sliders are the Sims shape modifiers, what you use to make your Sim body shape more unique!


Step 1

Open the TS4MorphMaker folder, and launch the application.

Step 2

When the program starts, you will be on the ‘Create DMaps‘ tab.

Select the gender you want to work with.

In this tutorial we will be using Adult Female.

Next select Skintight, then click Export OBJ.

Save this file to your desktop, and name it ‘YAF_Skintight‘.

Next select Robe, then click Export OBJ.

Save this file to your desktop, and name it ‘YAF_Robe‘.

Step 3

Next we need to open up Blender 2.75

Then we need to import the ‘YAF_Skintight.obj‘, as pictured below.

Make sure your view window is empty before importing the file.

Step 4

Now you should have your model in the view window.

Select the model until it is highlighted, as pictured below.

Once the model is highlighted, go into ‘edit mode‘. 

Step 5

This is where you will alter the base mesh for whichever slider you are wanting to make.

In this tutorial we will be making a slider to raise and lower the butt. So I have selected that area to alter, as pictured below.

Now that we have the area selected, we need to make a raised version.

NOTE: I use proportional editing when moving the vertices. This way everything connected stays shapely and the changes made are seamless.


To make the raised version, we need to move the selected area up on the Z axis.

You can move them by dragging the ‘Blue Arrow‘ up or by using G ‘Grab’ then Z ‘Selecting Z axis’ then use the ‘up arrow keys‘. I prefer the grab method, so I can count how far I have moved the the selected vertices.

I have moved the selected vertices up by 15 using the grab method, as pictured below.

Step 6

Now that we have our altered mesh we need to ‘export the .obj‘ and give it a new unique name. We will call this ‘YAF_SkinTight_ButtUP‘.

How to ‘export as .obj‘ pictured below:

Step 7

Next we need to make a lowered version. So that we have both up and down points for the sliders in game.

NOTE: Make sure that you move the vertices back to their original points before making the other direction version.


You can Ctrl+Z ‘Undo’ the changes made, or reopen the ‘YAF_Skintight.OBJ‘ and start fresh.

To make the lowered version, I have moved the selected vertices down by 15 using the grab method, as pictured below.

Step 8

Now that we have our second altered mesh we need to export the .obj and give it a new unique name. We will call this version ‘YAF_SkinTight_ButtDOWN‘.

Step 9

Now we need to repeat steps 3-8 for the ‘YAF_Robe‘ model. This is optional via the MorphMaker program.

If you do decide to do the robe models, be sure to create both Up and Down versions.

Giving them unique names also when you save them.

I have called mine ‘YAF_Robe_ButtUP.obj‘ and ‘YAF_Robe_ButtDOWN.obj‘.

Step 10

In total we now have the following 6 files on our desktop:

  1. YAF_Skintight.obj
  2. YAF_Robe.obj
  3. YAF_SkinTight_ButtUP.obj
  4. YAF_SkinTight_ButtDOWN.obj
  5. YAF_Robe_ButtUP.obj
  6. YAF_Robe_ButtDOWN.obj

Step 11

Now we need to upload our files into MorphMaker.

First we will be getting the DMaps for the ‘ButtUP’ version.

Once your files are uploaded. Make sure that the correct age and gender are selected. As well as the DMap Size for your creation.

If everything is correct, click ‘Create DMaps‘.

NOTE: This will take some time, just wait until it finishes. You will be able to tell the progress by the green bar and text on the right side of the program.


Once it has finished processing it will ask you to save 2 DMap files.

I have named mine:

  • DMap_ButtUP_One
  • DMap_ButtUP_Two

Next, we have to repeat the process for the Down version.

Simply change the files for ‘Morphed Skintight‘ and ‘Morphed Robe Mesh‘ to the ‘ButtDOWN‘ obj files. Once you have those changed, click ‘Create DMaps’ again.

Once it has finished processing it will ask you to save 2 DMap files again.

I have named mine:

  • DMap_ButtDOWN_One
  • DMap_ButtDOWN_Two

Step 12

Now we need to add the modifiers for our new sliders.

Step 12 a

Navigate to the ‘Add/Edit Sim Modifiers‘ tab in MorphMaker.

Click ‘Add New Sim Modifier‘. A new modifier will pop up in the view window.

Under ‘Unique morph name‘, give the morph a name. (Starting with your Creator Name.)

We will call this ‘YAF_ButtUP‘.

Next we need to upload the DMap Shape and DMap Normals.

  • DMap Shape = DMap_ButtUP_One
  • DMap Normals = DMap_ButtUP_Two

After you have the DMaps uploaded, make sure that the ‘Age/Gender‘ are selected for your project.

We are doing female in this tutorial, so I will select ‘Teen-Elder‘ and ‘Female‘.

Next we need to change the ‘Region‘, this corresponds to the area you edited on the mesh. Since we edited the butt we will change it to ‘BUTT‘.

Once you are done, click ‘Save Sim Modifier‘. You will know it is saved when the ‘Sim Modifier Name’ changes in the view window to your unique one.

Step 12 b

Repeat step 12 a for the ‘YAF_ButtDown‘. Replacing the UP DMaps with the Down ones.

Once you are done you should have two new modifiers, as pictured below.

Step 13

Now that the modifiers are done, we need to edit the hotspot controls.

Navigate to the ‘Add/Edit HotspotControls (Sliders)‘ tab in MorphMaker.

You should now see a cloned HotSpotControl ready to edit.

The first thing we need to do is make a ‘Unique Name‘. (Once again, Starting with your Creator Name.)

Next we need to change the ‘Cursor Style‘. We  want to change this to ‘HorizontalAndVerticalArrows‘. Because the slider for the butt extends out by default, and our slider slide up and down.

Double check that the ‘Age‘ category has all of the correct selected states. These will be the sameAge/Gender‘ you used in previous steps.

Now in the ‘Slider‘ list window you will see two sliders.

  • Profile_right, Profile_left
  • Back

Step 13 a

Select ‘Profile_right, Profile_left’

On the right you will see ‘Sim Modifiers‘. There will be 4 modifiers:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Up
  • Down

We need to add our modifier for the up and down ones we created earlier.

On the ‘UP‘ line click ‘Change‘.

In the drop down select the ‘UP‘ modifier. As pictured below.

Click ‘Save‘ when you are done.

On the ‘Down‘ line click ‘Change‘.

In the drop down select the ‘Down‘ modifier. Then ‘Save‘.

Your ‘Sim Modifiers’ list should now look similar to the following:

Once you are done click ‘Save Slider‘.

Step 13 b

Go back to the ‘Sliders‘ list that you selected in step 13a, but select ‘Back‘. repeat the same steps as above to add the ‘Up and Down Sim Modifiers‘ again. Once you are done click ‘Save Slider‘.

If you have finished both ‘Sliders‘ (‘Profile_right, Profile_left‘ and ‘Back‘.) then select ‘Save HotSpotControl‘.

You will know your ‘HotSpotControl‘ saved when the name of the Slider changes in the left side of the window, as pictured below.

Step 14

If everything is correct, and you are finished click ‘Save as New Package‘.

Navigate to your TheSims4 Mods folder:

Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Save your .package with a unique name so you know what it is.

You are Done! You’ve made a new slider for The Sims 4!

You can now go in game and check out your new slider!

Here is the Butt slider we made with this tutorial:

You can download the female butt slider we created in this tutorial Here!


About the author


I have been an artist most of my life and fell in love with The Sims franchise in 2000. Since then I have honed my artistic ability to make custom content for the Sims community. My hobbies include: painting, poetry, gaming, and cooking.