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The Sims 4 Get Famous: New Objects & Gameplay Video Walkthrough

During Sims Camp 2018 in London we had a chance to get our hands on The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack and try out the new objects that come with this pack. In the video above you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the new objects that come with unique and complex gameplay, some of them even being tied to the Media Production Skill which is brand new with this pack.

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  • Wooo! Thanks for this. The sleeping pods and drones are awesome! Can’t wait to get into acting and mess with the stage effects. New death is super cool too! I seriously don’t get how people are saying it’s too expensive… World may be small but it’s really not that much money? You’ve probably spent more on a pizza order at some point in your life.. I’m excited. And I personally think it’s worth the money. I like how easy your fame fades too. Reassurance that maybe not every sim will just become a celebrity from learning normal skills. Only 3 more weeks! Woo!

    • I’m looking forward to money phones, custom recording studios, and holiday stage performances. Hopefully performance-related holiday objectives will be possible, but I’ll be happy with the studio animations and equipment alone.

  • The content of this pack is definitely better than previous, and there will be plenty of other uses for the studio and recording equipment outside of the career situations. Thanks for the review.