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The Sims 4: Positivity Challenge Walkthrough

The positivity challenge came as a part of the November patch and features the one and only Millie Bobby Brown. When you first load up your game since updating you will be greeted with a little pop up giving you a brief overview of the challenge.

To kick off the challenge simply get your Sim to call the Event Coordinator and they will make their way over to your Sims location. Then simply talk to Millie. You can ask her about the challenge and then simply select “issue challenge.”

One final thing before you properly get started. Make sure you change your Sims aspiration to “The Positivity Challenge” and you are all set to go.

All you need to do is to complete each of the Aspirations requirements. This can be done by completing simple tasks such as brightening a Sims day or telling a funny story.

One thing you will have noticed at the start of the challenge is a small pile of pastel coloured boxes will appear on your lot from Millie. Once you have completed each of the tier’s make sure you go back and collect your reward!

Tier One – Meet one new Sim & perform one good deed.

Reward: Grin and Bear It

Tier Two – Perform five Good Deeds for acquaintances.

Reward: It Happened

Tier Three – Perform seven good deeds & become happy three times.

Reward: Paradise Falls

Tier Four -Perform eleven good deeds & make one new friend.

Reward: The Sealinicorn, In Repose

Once you’ve collected all the rewards you can then hang the pictures straight from your Sims inventory straight onto the wall and feel positive about the impact your Sim has made on the neighbourhood.

After completing each of the four tier’s call Mille back to your lot via your Sims phone and speak to her once again. Select “receive reward” and Millie will give your Sim the special trait Kindness Ambassador for completing all aspects of The Positivity Challenge and also to allow your Sim to continue to spread that kindness throughout the neighbourhood.

And that is The Positivity Challenge! A nice fun event that gets you interacting with the Sims around the neighbourhood and brightening a Sims Day.

You can also check out The Sims blog post about the challenge here and don’t forget to check out the November Patch Notes too!

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  • none of my sims, on any of my 4 saves, have the option to call the event coordinator. the game has definitely updated, and I’ve tried restarting my computer, but nothing has made it show up. I even made a new save to see if it would show up, but still nothing.

  • Is there a way to complete the in-game challenges like the Positivity Challenge, the Day of the Dead Challenge, etc, if you missed them when they first came out? Or even just to re-do them for fun? If not thru regular game play, is there a mod that let’s you?

    • for the day of the dead challenge, if u have a sim that died and still have its urn then when the urn is placed your alive sims should have the option to leave a sugar skull offering.