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The Sims 4: December 2018 Content Update Article Overview

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The Sims Team has added plenty of new holiday-themed goodies to The Sims 4 in celebration of the festive season, but that’s not all. Along with bug fixes, they’ve also teamed up with real world celebrity, Baby Ariel, to bring our Sims some new fashionable attire.

Let’s dive right in to everything this new patch has to offer!

Create A Sim

There are plenty of new CAS items that come with this update, both festive and fashionable.

1 feminine hairstyle and 1 masculine hairstyle:

1 feminine full body outfit and 1 unisex full body outfit:

1 masculine top, 1 feminine bottom, and 1 unisex pair of shoes:

1 unisex top for children:

The Sims 4: December 2018 Content Update Article Overview

And as part of The Sims Team’s collaboration with real world celebrity, Baby Ariel, we also have 3 new feminine tops with Baby Ariel’s logo on them:

Buy Mode

CAS isn’t the only area of the game to receive new holiday inspired goodies. Buy Mode has received plenty of new additions as well:

1 decorative faux fireplace display, 1 decorative log with candles, 1 decorative wooden wall hanging, and 1 decorative pine cone garland wall hanging:

The Sims 4: December 2018 Content Update Article Overview

1 decorative set of mason jar candles and 1 decorative set of mason jar snow globes:

The Sims 4: December 2018 Content Update Article Overview

1 decorative ceiling hanging in both star and snowflake variants, 1 garland ceiling light, and 1 picnic table:

If your Sims are looking for some tasty festive treats to celebrate the holiday season, they’re in luck because there are also two new cooking recipes; the Winter Cake and Crown Roast. Look for them in the recipe list when your Sims are cooking.

Captured down below is the Winter Cake and the Crown Roast. The Winter Cake requires Level 2 Cooking Skill while the Crown Roast requires Level 7 Cooking Skill.

And last but not least, our Sims now have their very own smart speaker! Welcome Lin-Z into your home this holiday season! Lin-Z can socialise with your Sims, play music for them, order home services, and turn all the lights in your Sims’ homes on and off. Thanks, Lin-Z! You’re a real help around the house!

What do you think of all the new content? Let us know here in the comments or on social media!

Don’t See Anything New? Update your game! Right-click on The Sims 4 in your Origin library and select Update Game.

Looking for a full list of bug fixes? Check out the patch notes here!

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