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The Sims 4 StrangerVille: How To Defeat The Mother [SPOILERS]


Before you read any further, you should be aware that this article contains major spoilers about the StrangerVille Mystery story. If you do not want to have the story spoiled for you, do not continue reading this article.

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The Mother

When you come to the end of the StrangerVille Mystery story, you’ll come face to face with The Mother; a giant, menacing plant contained several levels underground in the Secret Lab. The Mother is a boss enemy that you and your allies will have to defeat in order to save StrangerVille from the mysterious virus that The Mother’s spores are spreading around the town.

If you thought defeating The Mother was as simple as clicking and watching your Sim vanquish this enemy, think again. Triumphing over The Mother will take lots of preparation, brains, guts, and strategy. The stakes are high, because your Sim can die while fighting The Mother, so be on your toes and make sure you’re not going in blind.

Only Fools Rush In

When you first stumble across The Mother, your Sim will be able to fight her immediately. Do not do this unless you have a death wish. The Mother is very powerful and your Sim won’t stand a chance without backup. After you discover The Mother, you’ll need to gather up allies to help you fight her. The trouble is, almost everyone in StrangerVille is now possessed by The Mother and won’t be receptive to your requests for help.

Make test vaccines by collecting spore clusters and bizarre fruit, then combining them in the Secret Lab’s chemical analyzers. You’ll need three test vaccines. Each vaccine requires 5 spore clusters and 1 bizarre fruit. Find spore clusters by using your Infection Scanner at the Secret Lab. Bizarre fruit can be purchased from the Curio Shop or harvested from the strange plants found growing all over StrangerVille. Just find a plant, select Nurture on it, and then harvest the fruit when the bud blooms.

Test your vaccines on three possessed Sims around StrangerVille. The third test vaccine will allow you to craft the real thing. Collect more spore clusters and bizarre fruit, then use the Secret Lab’s chemical analyzers to craft three finished vaccines.

With your perfected vaccines in hand, find a Sim who’s been possessed and use the vaccine on them. When they come to, they’ll need some convincing to take on such a terrifying foe alongside you. Use friendly socials on the Sim until they are your friend, then ask them to help you fight The Mother. Do this for two more Sims to assemble your whole team.

Want more details about this part of the story? Check out our full walkthrough here!

Preparation is Key

To maximize your chances of surviving your confrontation with The Mother, you’ll want a few extra vaccines on hand. The vaccines aren’t only good for curing possessed Sims; they can be used as weapons against The Mother, too, and they deal a considerable amount of damage.

Craft a few more vaccines using spore clusters and bizarre fruit on the chemical analyzer. The more, the better. I made five vaccines to fight The Mother with just to be on the safe side.

Fighting The Mother

Once you have three allies and a nice stash of vaccines in your Sim’s inventory, you’re ready for battle! Head to the Secret Lab with your allies and make your way down to where The Mother is. Make sure all of your allies are on the platform with you before you engage with The Mother; I had trouble getting my allies to assemble properly when I ran ahead of them, which caused me to lose the fight the first time I attempted to take on The Mother.

Once you have your allies together, click on The Mother, choose Fight Mother With… and select your allies. They will run off the platform to surround The Mother on all sides. The battle has begun!

There are two main things you need to worry about when fighting The Mother; her health and your team’s infection level. You can see these in the top left corner of the screen during the battle. The Mother’s health starts out full. Your team’s infection bar starts out empty. You want to keep the infection bar from filling up while bringing The Mother’s health bar down to zero. Wearing your hazmat suit will protect you from The Mother’s infection, but your allies will all be vulnerable to her spores. In addition to infection, The Mother will have possessed Sims under her control roaming around the battlefield. These minions of hers will attack your allies, preventing them from dealing damage to The Mother.

When fighting The Mother, you will have several options available to you:

  • Group Commands…
    • Be Careful!
      Your allies are more resistant to infection, but deal less damage.
    • Charge!
      Your allies deal more damage, but are also more vulnerable to infection.
    • Take A Breather
      Your allies heal some of their infection, but deal no damage.
    • Warbling War Cry!
      Your allies scare off The Mother’s minions, but deal less damage.
  • Throw Infection Vaccine
    Your Sim uses a vaccine in their inventory and deals damage to The Mother.
  • Mega Spray
    Your Sim deals more damage to The Mother.
  • Retreat
    You and your allies forfeit the fight.

Each of these options has a cooldown period, so think carefully about what you want your allies to be doing. You won’t be able to tell them to do something else for a while after.

There’s no one proven way to fight The Mother. It all depends on your judgement and the current condition of your allies. If your allies have not taken on any infection at all, you might want to take the risk and have them charge The Mother to bring down her health faster. If your allies have taken on quite a bit of infection, it’s better to tell them to be careful or take a breather, instead. Keep an eye on the top left corner of the screen to make those tough judgment calls. It could mean the difference between life and death.

As for your own Sim, the vaccines do the most damage so hopefully you stocked up on them. Throw vaccines at The Mother as often as you can to deal some major damage. If you have a lot of vaccines, you can probably keep your allies on the defensive for most of the fight because your vaccines will deal much more damage than they can.

Defeating The Mother

When The Mother’s health reaches zero (assuming your allies haven’t been infected), your Sim will throw one last vaccine right into the fearsome creature’s mouth. This will be the final death blow.

The Mother will let out a screech and be consumed by a dark green cloud before she dies. When she’s been defeated, you and your allies will cheer, throw confetti, and blow air horns in celebration of their incredible victory. If your Sim has the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration, this will complete their aspiration, earning them the Hero of StrangerVille trait. Sims with this trait receive fan mail and can tell the story of how they saved the town from a terrible virus.

Reviving The Mother

Crazy enough to want to do the whole thing over again? After she has been defeated, The Mother can be revived using bizarre fruit. Once you’ve defeated The Mother, all the strange plants growing around StrangerVille will disappear, but the Curio Shop will still have plenty of bizarre fruit in stock. You only need one bizarre fruit to revive The Mother.

With your bizarre fruit in your inventory, select The Mother and choose Revive The Mother. Your Sim will kneel down to give the fruit to her. Some ominous music will play and The Mother will rise from her grave to terrorize StrangerVille once again.

What are the benefits to reviving The Mother? The revived Mother will have some new options available. You can request bizarre fruit from her and communicate with her, but the most interesting interaction is Request Weirdness. Clicking on this will allow you to set the infection level of the town. There is a low, medium, and high option as well as an option for no infection. You can use these options to keep StrangerVille as normal or as weird as you like.

Reviving The Mother also allows you to play through the story again with a different family if you want to. This is useful if you want to try and complete the story a different way; the story can be completed as a civilian or through the military career. You can also give the Hero of StrangerVille trait to another Sim by completing the story again.

How did you defeat The Mother? Tell us all about your epic battle in the comments or contact us on social media!

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  • Okay, not only do I LOVE the idea of reviving her, but I still say this reminds me of a combination of Little Shop of Horrors and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Which is awesome ;)

    • No it doesn’t. Players have no idea who or what The Mother is from reading the title and the preview image on social media does not depict The Mother at all. The Mother was one of the very first things referenced by the Sim Gurus in their cryptic tweets before the reveal trailer was released.

      • Not to try and sound mean or anything but i am the one and only, no other i’d rather be is in fact right the title of this topic does indeed have spoilers in the title, here is the title: THE SIMS 4 STRANGERVILLE: HOW TO DEFEAT THE MOTHER [SPOILERS] I think that was what he or she meant by It’s literally got spoilers in the title. If not then oh well but that is how I see it.

  • Can your allies be your household members? Like could you just have a household of 3 sims and you all deal with the Strangeness?

    • I did this recently. My sims wife (who is military personnel) was infected, and so were a few of her co workers. The three of them became his allies. So i formed a club (via Get Together) with the four of them, I used bb.showhidden objects to get everyone else a hazmat suit and when the time came to fight the mother plant – I added them to my household. This was to have the ability to make them use the hazmat suits. (yes I know this was cheating … but I had homework to do & finals to study for). So even thought they were not originally my household members, adding them to the household still worked!

    • Yes! I had all three living in the same house fight and defeated The Mother! It was awesome! It took a few tries to figure out strategy but, once you get the strategy down it’s easy. Thanks for all the cool tips snarkywitch!

  • If your revive the mother and eat the fruit you can communicate with her and she will give you gifts if you raise your relationship high enough with her.

    • Wow! That’s great to know! I will try to replicate that in the game and see about adding it to the guide. Thanks for the extra info! :)

    • You don’t need to eat the fruit to be able to build up relationship with her. I went to do the aspiration with my married couple. I had him do stuff first and she was communicating with the mother, before we went to fight her. She gave the option to give fruit and gifts then no weirdness level. After you have maxed relationship, one fight (unsuccessful :p) takes you back to half way friendly.

  • You can also click on your allies while fighting to command them directly. If one ally is rendered unconscious by the Mother’s minions, you can command another ally to revive them. You can also order allies to attack the minions directly, or throw a vaccine of their own (though this comes with the standard cooldown).

  • I just completed this and it was so much fun! I took my time, playing the Sigworth family. Jess became the hero of StrangerVille.

  • If your Sim had eaten the fruit so that they became infected will they be able to fight the mother with their allies? The only one I haven’t been able to give the vaccine to is my affected Sim, so .. did I mess up when I had her eat the fruit? I also didn’t see an option to give herself the vaccine when she wasn’t possessed.

  • I didn’t even know I could talk whilst fighting… I didn’t do anything and they won. I might revive her… Maybe.

  • My sim can’t walk up the stairs to the platform to fight the mother… it has the “no walking/footsteps” sign.

  • Great post, thanks and I would rush in, but I’ve forgotten who I vaccinated! I’m fairly new to the Sims – okay like the past couple of weeks(?) and I’m already addicted (unless all-nighters [sic] are a common thing among Simmers?)! I’m changing my middle name to ill-prepared (you don’t wanna know about my first and last name changes…). I went ahead and checked out your books – pretty cool & OMG you look just like your sim! Thanks again you really didn’t spoil it for me – in fact you saved my life!

  • My sim is stuck fighting the Mother plant alone and the group won’t come down to the lowest level even when it’s open. HELP! Now my sim is late for work, can’t pause to anything other than call on the group. What do I do to end the fight or just get out and start again?