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The Sims 4: The Official Grunt Family Is Available On The Gallery

Do you remember the Grunt family from The Sims 2? Well, they are back and you can add them into your game or even have them live in StrangerVille!

The Sims Team have been revisiting some of our favourite families from the previous games and recreating them for The Sims 4 as part of the nineteenth birthday celebrations for the game.

You can download the Grunt Family from The Gallery now. Just search for the Maxis profile or the hashtag #MaxisCreates. You can also download the Newbie & Pleasant families too!

Written by Krista

Hey! I'm Krista. You can usually find me hanging out in The Sims Community Live Streams.


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  1. Those families from TS1 i TS2 in TS4 are so bad. Nothing characteristic, faces are very standard. Maxis can do it better…

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