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POSSIBLE LEAK: The Sims 4 Tropical Paradise could be the next Expansion Pack!

PLEASE NOTE: This post is pure speculation and doesn’t contain any official confirmation (yet) about the theme of The Sims 4’s upcoming pack.

UPDATE: There’s been another leak for The Sims 4 Tropical Paradise. This time the listing was posted on a Dutch website!

The listing includes the following information (translated to English via Google Translate):

Sims 4 Tropical Paradise  Expansion / Expansion

In the Sims 4 Tropical Paradise / Tropical Paradise your sims 4 will have the opportunity to enjoy in a tropical island as the name suggests.
Exact innovations and possibilities are expected closer to the release and after the official announcement by EA.

Features the Sims 4 Tropical Paradise / Tropical Paradise  Expansion Origin CDkey

  • Go on a tropical adventure with your Sims 4 characters, a gaming retail website that sells game codes has published a rather interesting listing on their website regarding the upcoming pack for The Sims 4.

They’ve listed The Sims 4 Tropical Paradise as the upcoming Expansion Pack for The Sims 4. This is the first listing for The Sims 4’s 7th Expansion Pack and we all know that The Sims Team definitely plans to release one among a new Game Pack and a Stuff Pack as well.

We’ve also speculated that The Sims 4’s 7th Expansion Pack could be coming out this June taking in consideration numerous evidence from voice actors and the announcement that there’s going to be a big system update for The Sims 4 this June.

This *could* be a valid retail leak considering that Instant-Gaming has previously listed bundles for The Sims 4 way before they were announced with some of the listings even mentioning the correct release date.

The listing for The Sims 4 Tropical Paradise Expansion Pack doesn’t contain much evidence just yet. The only thing they’ve shown is that the release is set for 2019 as well as an edited box art that contains the name and the pack type.

UPDATE: The description mentioned down below was taken from an idea thread over on The Sims Forums. Instant-Gaming has a tendency to fill their listings with unofficial information so we can for sure confirm that the description down below doesn’t mean anything.

The Sims 4: Tropical Paradise includes:
-A new beach world based on Spanish/Caribbean islands and Hawaii
-New radio stations – Reggae and calypso
-New harvestables – Pineapple and coconut
-New dance moves – Hula dance
-New objects – Lounge chairs and surfing station
-New skills – Surfing, hula dancing
-New aspirations – Surfer
-New traits – Loves water, hates water


We’ll make sure to keep you posted on more information on this listing and the next Expansion Pack as it gets available.

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  • You can find additional info about this “pack” down on the page. It feels like a game pack and also a super fake one.

    • The description is fake cuz it was copied from a forum post but the theme of the next ep might be true.

  • In Information, they say:

    “The Sims 4: Tropical Paradise includes:
    -A new beach world based on Spanish/Caribbean islands and Hawaii
    -New radio stations – Reggae and calypso
    -New harvestables – Pineapple and coconut
    -New dance moves – Hula dance
    -New objects – Lounge chairs and surfing station
    -New skills – Surfing, hula dancing
    -New aspirations – Surfer
    -New traits – Loves water, hates water”

    It’d be great! :)

  • Honestly? No. Why not just make the game pack they have(that’s similar) better? It was severely lacking in my opinion. Not much to discover, no where to really go other than a few pyramids. I really want a school expansion(private schools and university!) Or a super natural one (fae,werecreatures, and witches! Please let there be witches!)

    • I bought the vampires pack and it was disappointing it didnt have much stuff. I also got pets and it doesnt include pet houses and you cant control your pets. They seem to only add one of each item in a certain style the bare minimum. Not worth the full price im glad i got them for 50% off.

      • @ Edgar Orozco, I love the Vampires pack! I’m sorry you were disappointed in it. :( As for pets I could care less about pet houses (I was more upset dogs couldn’t sleep on the human beds, but cats could). However, I totally agree with you in that I love being able to play as your pet. But if all the polls I saw were any indication, only about 1/4 of people wanted controllable pets, with about 3/4 wanting what we got! People want realism over fantasy (which is why we ended up with a laundry pack). I want fantasy! ;)

        • I think one reason why they wanted to not control your pets is because they wanted to go back to the roots of the Sims where when Sims 2 Pets came out I remember you not being able to control them as a way to make your pets not perfect. I think it just adds a little more diversity into the pack

        • Thank you both @Simming away the pain, and @Ellizabeth! I did know of the Mod, but I don’t play with mods. But I’m sure your information will be of help to others! :)

    • same. I think the school pack would be better as an expansion. Honestly I’ll be super disappointed if tropical ends up being the expansion we’ve been waiting for so long.

      • As much as I would want there to be a University pack again, I think that it was a good idea to come out with the Island Living I think that the University pack though might be too buggy for low running computers but until the Sim Creators find a way to make it better for those players I think we should appreciate this pack!

    • I guarantee we’ll get University before they stop working on TS4. If they have 20 content drops, less free updates and promotional things, I’m hoping we’ll at least have 2 EPs. If they’re doing IP, Uni has to be the other. That still leaves a handful of GPs and SPs which could include supernaturals (similar to how they did vampires) – a Witch pack and a Were pack.

  • I want a sims castaways or a farm/garden/pets dlc with some more vegetables to grow and some farm animals.

  • I’m not a fan of tropical islands, but if there’s some kind of mystery or adventure, I’ll love it!))

    • I love mystery and adventure too, but since the last pack released (Strangerville) was in this genre, I doubt they would release another mystery/adventure any time soon. ;)

  • Us: we want university, improvements to the game, idk something good?

    Sims gurus: so an alien dlc you’ll play through once right

    Us: i mean, the dirty stuffs cool i guess but –

    Sims gurus: great! how about tropical vacation?

    Us: …

  • The university fangirls are so bothered by this lol. I for one couldn’t be more excited! This is shaping up to be everything I wanted.

    • ahah “university fangirls” good choice! even if i don’t like the use of “fangirl” for negative comments it fits so right here. can’t stand these requests, i never could, and i can’t wait not to see them anymore.

    • @Maxi, “Fangirls”, really?!? I might be female, but chances are I’m older than you (I was an adult when TS1 came out ;) ) , and I would *love* a university pack! TS2’s University was one of my all-time favorites! Also, I’ve heard many males who want a university pack as well.
      Not that I don’t want a tropical pack too. In fact, I want a lot of packs, including some more supernatural stuff and farming.

  • I would’ve preferred if this was a game pack (with swimming patched in) if this turns out to be true and have university as a EP.

  • I feel like this is not true at least completely because Tropical Paradise seems a lot more like a game pack theme, and I think the community might rage if they don’t get University.

    • Rage would put it mildly. I would be avoiding certain places if that were to be the case because I couldn’t deal with the drama. A lot of people are assuming it’s university coming next especially since it’s one of the more popular EP. Also witches is anticipated as an upcoming GP like vampires but again I wouldn’t mind a paradise GP especially if mermaids and swimming (if no swimming that would also cause rage too no matter how detailed the GP is which they often are well done) came with it.

  • Not going to hold my breathe… Remember the Tropical Getaway modpack released last year (September 2018)….. /url?q=

  • I would like to see new clothing swimsuits hats sunglasses hairstyles for this expansion pack. New sims mermaids just like in sims 3. Diving skill new menu venue island food.

  • I heard from Iron Seagull that it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all you do with keeping us informed on what’s going on with the Sims 4!!

  • I hope its like Castaway was, I loved that concept game. Get to make everything out of your surroundings, try various seeds. Fight monkey’s who take the pumpkin from your self-made friend. Buried Treasure all that good stuff. And hopefully Oranges will also be harvestable seeing there’s none in the game yet somehow Orange juice exists, fun. Regardless of what’s going on I am sure this Pack idea will be epic.

  • Happy Birthday Jovan! Nice job with this article! I sent it to you and you were on it so fast ahaha! Thank you for everything you do for us.

  • I cant wait! I honestly wish they would make a expansion pack that has horses unicorn almost like the sims 3 just in the sims 4 because i loved having horses in the sims 3 and i was a little upset that there where no horses in the sims 4 and i just love horses alot.

    • this is a speculation post, meaning it is just what we *think* might come out next. nothing has been confirmed.

  • Yesss, I am all for it and being from the Caribbean myself, I will definitely indulge. I hope it comes thru, I would love for my SIM to experience tropical paradise. Mermaids would be cool!!

  • im actually here for another world where we can plan for vacations. Wish we could get travel agent career.

  • I’m just hoping for a “future” or sci fi pack at this point. Don’t really care much about anything else.

  • I don’t care when it comes out I hope it has a lot more lot space like Windeburg and Oasis Springs. The vacation lots suck. You can’t hardly put anything down.

  • Grant Rodiek recently twittered a pic of a beach. Maybe that could’ve been a possible teaser for a beach/Island setting. ‍♂️

    • I’m hoping this is an EP and not just a vacation neighborhood. I refuse to play TS3 because the sims are uncanny valley even with cc but I’ve been dying for a neighborhood like Sunlit Tides to move all my favorite families into *-* University is… okay. It can wait.

  • A tropical world would be so gorgeous. sunlit tides was one of my sims 3 faves so i know the sims 4 world will be breathtaking. still hoping they bring out a supernatural (i miss playing with fae!) or even university though

  • I actually hope its a Tropical World expansion!!! I’ve always wanted to live on an island in S4 graphics. If not Tropical World then definitely University