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SPECULATION: Is The Sims 4 University coming soon?

Please note that this post is pure speculation and doesn’t contain any official confirmation from The Sims Team!

Yesterday The Sims Team has uploaded all of the Sims that are being used for The Sims 4’s new branding. More specifically you can see these Sims on the official social media outlets as well as The Sims 4’s new box art cover:

One Sim that specifically stands out with her backstory is the female Sim rocking a green sweatsuit on the top right corner. Check out what the description has to say about this Sim named Morgan Park:

Morgan is all-in, all the time. Driven by her life-long love of sport, Morgan believes life is meant to be lived, not spent behind a desk. She’s always up for any adventure her friends suggest, and always pushes herself to do more. With her track and cross-country scholarships, she was always a top performing athlete at university. She’s currently training for her first Iron Man competition, which means a lot of time in the pool and on a bike.


As you can see, Morgan Park’s backstory mentions that she has a cross-country scholarship and that she was a top performing athlete at the university. Not only that but the description also mentions bikes!

Now, you’d probably think that the creator of these backstories may have gotten carried away a little bit. However, there’s more.

There’s a Sim named Dela Ostrow who also has an interesting backstory. Check it out:

As a kid, Dela lived all over the world, shadowing her mum—a globally sought-after fashion photographer. That experience gave Dela an inherent sense of optimism and a deep entrepreneurial spirit. She recently launched her first fashion line, and her unique pieces and global style is starting to get press. Her girlfriend Mia—a designer in her own right—helps keep her informed of trends outside the fashion industry.


Her backstory mentions her mother being a fashion photographer – something that’s been confirmed to be coming with the upcoming The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack.

Currently we don’t have any official proof that The Sims 4 University is next in line. Still, these backstories could be onto something. Each backstory for these new Sims contains at least a few gameplay elements that we currently have in the game. For example, Mia Hayes is a freelance programmer, Sydne Wright has the bussiness career assigned, Hunter Evans is focused on growing his social media presence and more.

Except for  Morgan Park and Dela Ostrow who could be hinting at what’s to come to The Sims 4, all of the other Sims have a backstory that feature gameplay elements we currently have – described more or less ambitiously than it actually is in the game.

This could be just an overly ambitious description that was written for Morgan Park but it could also mean that the team is purposefully hinting that The Sims 4 University is coming. After all, Maxis is probably aware by now that the entire community has been screaming “University” for months and they probably wouldn’t write up something like this if they’re not planning to release it.

I don’t know – just my guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • I’m guessing that these are all hints, but I don’t believe that anyone is anticipating new content at this point.

    • No!! Theres no point to having cars, its not an open world… soms 2 cars looked kinda dumb anyway so whyyy would it come to sims 4

      • Sims 2 cars added a lot of features. Even though the game wasn’t open world like sims 3 there were opportunities such as listening to music in the car, Repairing the car and woohooing in the car. They can make moments that are meaningful and even add buffs for doing actions in the car. You might say no point but how many moments have you had a meaningful conversation IRL in a car or some sort of transportation?

      • Because certain locations take a pain takingly long time for sims to walk to where they need to go to say the next town over or home whatever. It took almost a whole sim hour for my sim to walk to where they needed to go.

      • There was also the fixer-uper-car in sims 3, and a version of it in sims 2 that brought a more mechanic oriented hobby (or at least task) to the game that I think would be really fun to do. It would certainly make more sense the woodworking to upgrade your handiness skill!

  • I think this is a hint only because they have confirmed that there will be a new expansion pack out before the end of the year

  • The University pack should have come earlier than the other EPs along with the Seasons, then it will let them be more creative in creating different and new EPs.

    • Well, if they had released them earlier they would not have been so good. As an example let’s take a look at “Luxury Party” SP and “Laundry Day” SP. Luxury party was one of the first packs to come into the game and to be honest it’s not that good. There’s very few items that are actually good and usable. Laundry Day, on the other hand, was released much later, but is an A-Tier pack : lovely bb items and clothes and the gameplay features are well thought out. As time goes, the Sims team gets better and better at creating content for the game.

  • Siii es hs que lleguen las universidades en los sims 4. Tendrían que haber estado desde el principio, al igual que los infantes y las estaciones. Pero lo mejor tarda en llegar sinceramente estoy ansiosa!!! Amo el nuevo modo historia de los sims y estaría bueno agregar la profesión diseñadora de interiores y otras en donde puedas ir a trabajar con tu sim en mi opinión personal.

  • I believe that there will be a University expansion pack because:

    – players have been asking for months/years

    – the new redesign indicates the sims 4 still has a lot of things coming

    – The sims team said that there is another expansion pack either coming at the end of this year or next year

  • I think it would be really cool to have elementary and highschool packs. Kinda like the go to work pack except for the kids. Im excited, I think University will be interesting!

  • I think the Sims should ultimately do a “Back To School” EP, where they add in university but also add in things to the schools for children and especially teenagers to do. Something I miss from TS3 generations was the fact that our teens could go to prom. I would just like to see more with the school aspect of the game instead of the kids just going off and you getting a few notifications about what has happened in their day. I also think that they should do something to where you can go to school with your children/teens, as well as maybe even doing the boarding school option that TS3 did in generations. Maybe even adding some sort of camp option and being able to do more things with your kids that maybe even can benefit or include the parents or adults like chaperoning school dances or even having the teens become camp counselors. Yet again I would be just fine with only getting University, this is just a thought.

  • I think a really cool idea for exercise would be bikes. Can’t give us cars for transportation? Compromise and give us a new exercise in the form of bikes.

  • All I need is for my sims to find something to do with themselves, without traveling to hidden zones, or starting situations which limit autonomy, and don’t involve any objects which can be routed beyond the lot surface. An education pack would be the best solution, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • As much as I’d love to have a University pack, I don’t really care what’s next so long as we get FUNTIONAL BUNKBEDS! Seriously. We need them. Do you have any idea how many opportunities for gameplay and family building those beds would offer? Families in tiny homes. Big families with several kids in a small apartment.

    I’m borderline desperate for a funtional bunkbed that i don’t have to get from a modding site. There was like 4 or 5 diffrent styles of bunkbeds in the Sims 3. Can we please get atleast one for Sims 4?

  • This is what I think the Sims Team should do, they should have 5 Levels of different universities, the first level being the Elite Universities, the second level being the Top Notch Universities, the third level being the Good Universities, the fourth level being the Average Universities and finally the fifth level being the Below Average Universities, now these universities will accept different teenage, Young Adult, Adult or even Elder sims according to their performance in their previous institutions(e.g teenage sims according to their high school performance). Performance should be based on not only academics but also extracurriculars( i.e like after school activities, skills or sports). For example a student her name is Sue Adams she always had straight A’s and had participated in ballet at high school, won awards and graduated valedictorian, this student would be eligible to enter an elite school. Another student Sarah Murphy was a B student at high school and very passionate about sports where she won several competitions and even earned a scholarship through sports to study at a top notch university but not an elite university because she had not fully met requirements. Another case study: A girl called Mia Brown had C’s and D’s throughout high school and had little participation in other activities would not be eligible for the first 3 level schools but can apply to level 4 or 5 schools with a low chance of getting into a level 4 school but a high chance of gaining admission at a level 5 school. Now sims can go to any school at any level its their choice just cause Sue has great stats doesn’t mean she can’t choose go to a level 5 school. In each level there should be 4 schools making 20 universities in total giving simmers a wide variety to play with life and increasing sales thereby leading to a huge profit surplus for EA and the sims team, it also adds a huge sense of realism to the sims 4 as these things do happen in real life. They should also increase the amount of majors cause in the sims 3 university life we were kinda limited and lastly they should include boarding schools as well like they did in the sims 3. If you like this whole idea please share as far , wide, much as possible to get the Sims Team to see this thank you very much for taking out of your precious time to read this idea.

  • Oh sorry and one more thing is that the sims team should add like a standardized test called maybe THE SAST (The Secondary Aptitude And Skills Test) lol sorry i’m quite bad at names but if you have better name ideas please share, anyways this test should basically be a test with a maximum score of 50 where different colleges have their score ranges, for example Sue scores a 45, Sarah scores a 42 and Mia scored a 35 , Sue clearly has a higher chance of getting into an elite school than her peers, this brings realism giving simmers the actual feeling of the college admissions process. So schools will use the SAST scores as a bench mark e.g a top notch school leaves its bench mark at 40. All this i’ve mentioned if made into the university expansion pack will get a very good review from IGN, Metacritic etc, earn the Sims Team more profit from extensive sales and leave a long lasting mark of enjoyment on us simmers we might even forget about the next expansion pack. So please once again if you like this idea share far and wide to get the sims team to put this idea into consideration and thank you for taking your precious time to read this.

  • if they have this ready i hope they add some new chic items and options such as:
    -face piercings
    -an accessory option for clothing such as flannels on top of a laundry day crop tops and suspenders etc
    -new matte lipstick
    -round glasses
    -nice boots
    -the option to tuck shirts/sweaters into pants
    -more curly hairs
    -new tattoos
    -bunk beds
    these can give our sims a better chance to be unique.

  • That’s awesome but any chance in near future we can have an online Sims back? Where we can connect with our friends and play sims together!? Wishful thinking here!

  • I really want university because I loved the roommate option. I don’t want my sim to live alone but I don’t want to care about other sims

  • i really would enjoy playing with my online friends on xbox is that possible? to make it where you can play with online friends on sims 4 that would be amazing! many of my friends would love to buy it but they would like to play with friends.