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Artist shares a Simlish Song Session for an unnanounced The Sims 4 Pack


Beau Young Prince, an American rapper has just recently shared his latest studio session for his song Big Moe. So, what’s the catch you might ask? The studio session took place to re-record this song entirely in Simlish!

Now, you all may know that each new The Sims 4 Pack brings new Simlish songs – some from real artists that had to re-record their songs in Simlish and some from EA’s audio team which writes and records songs entirely from scratch.

Considering that Beau Young Prince has claimed that the recording session just took place, it means that this song won’t be included in the upcoming pack (The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack) but some other entirely different pack for The Sims 4.

Check out the snippet down below:

So, to which unnanounced pack for The Sims 4 could this song belong to? Be the judge and listen to the full song in english down below:

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