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The Sims 4: Numerous Bug Fixes coming tomorrow!

With every update for The Sims 4 there are numerous bug fixes, and this time is no exception.

With addition in new content such as the Configurable Stairs and New Items, The Sims 4 will also be getting rid of some of the bugs currently present in the game.

SimGuruNick shared a list of top bug fixes that are coming in tomorrow’s update for PC / Mac. Please note that there are plenty of more bug fixes to come tomorrow that haven’t been listed!

  • Mac – Tattoos and Skin Details don’t apply to all outfits
  • Fashion Photography – don’t get approved pics back
  • Basement Split Level Rooms – Irremovable Basement Flooring
  • Seashells overlapping each other
  • Sulani doesn’t count for Fish in 3 Locations

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