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People think this object is hinting at The Sims 5

EDITOR’S NOTE: Whether this speculation is true or false, the fact that Maxis is working on the next Sims game is true. However, they have a seperate team doing so which doesn’t affect the development of The Sims 4 whatsoever. Also, it takes years to build a new life simulation game from scratch so it’s understandable why they’ve started so early. Once again, The Sims 4 still has years of new content planned :)

Look, it’s no secret that The Sims 5 is currently in development. The upcoming untitled Sims sequel is being worked on by a seperate team while The Sims 4 continues to deliver packs, updates and more for years to come.

It’s known that the community likes to speculate on upcoming stuff whether they might be plausible or not. However, this speculation is very hard to determine if it’s actually hinting at something or is it just a pure coincidence…

The Sims 4’s September 2019 update added tons of new things including Configurable Stairs, Muslim-inspired content and new Build Items. Among those new build additions were new Arch types, including Arch E. As pointed out by @FCowplant, this object seems to referring to something other than just the arch:

There were four prototypes… the first prototype didn’t open, the second prototype refined the concept, removing the defect by making a hole, the third prototype increased the size of the hole, the fourth prototype removed the sharp edges that were causing an increase in workplace accidents. The fifth, Arch E, should be great…


Community members on Twitter have already started speculating how the object is talking about The Sims Franchise’s evolution through different Sims games and that the upcoming Sims game “should be great”.

Obviously this is just pure speculation and doesn’t contain any official confirmation that The Sims Team is referring to The Sims 5. And, judging by the previous hints that The Sims Team has done, we may never actually find out on what they were referring to with this description…

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  • I don’t know if it’s just me but , If we take the letters in capital we have A and E. If we invert those letters we got “EA”.

  • On a keyboard:

    “A” is on the same line as “S”
    “R” is on the same line as “I”
    “C” is on the same line as “M”
    “H” is on the same line as “S”

    Definitely a clue. The question is…are we even excited for Sims 5?

  • Thank goodness TS4 did well as a company, especially like EA, wouldn’t waste their money for TS5 if it flopped like some people were hoping for. This could be a hint as it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve snuck in hints before. I have no issues with open world since I don’t have lag issues with this or pervious games and can play on ultra with reshade but I do wonder will it have the same issues that some people did in TS3 especially for those who aren’t using a “gaming” computer. TS4 was held back with several issues but one was trying to support lower end computers and old OS. I do hope they make things brighter so I won’t need ReShade to improve graphics because it’s dim. I want the team to complete TS4 and not leave it incomplete even though I know some people don’t care (especially those who pirate this game) if that happens but it would be frustrating for people who invested time and money into TS4 especially CC creators, modders and the gurus too. Hopefully we get a generation and hobby pack next year.

  • Controversial opinion, but I don’t really care about open world. Tbh it didn’t add a lot to my gameplay in TS3 and even now, despite having a pretty beefy gaming pc, I still get so many glitches with it that I always return to TS4. I know TS5 is a long way away, but the only thing I’m really hoping for from it is story progression without needing mods.

    • I can’t play Sims 3 at all…even with all the new awesome specs on my new PC. It still does that 10 second start stop thing… I don’t care about open world, I just want it to work.

      • The 10 second start stop thing is most likely one or more sims or animals getting stuck because of bad rooting (not sure how thats spelled). This is a HUGE problem for me on Isla Paradiso, but I googled a bit and found the households that most likely was the problem. Then I simply deleted that family, though Im sure it will work if you just switch houses.

    • Yeah, that’s the only thing I truly miss from the sims 3. I dislike how unless you play with the other families in the world they kind of just all die off with no story or meaning, and I don’t have time to play with all the families each time I start a new save.

    • @ Sarah I agree about open worlds. I don’t think it’s that big of a thing compared to something like story progression especially since I doubt many players have computers to support it plus any mods or cc they want. I’ve seen some of the specs some people have and they’re already struggling with TS4. I would much prefer CAW than open world. I would however like maybe a partial open world like if apartment buildings didn’t require loading screens though or community lots didn’t require loading screens. A compromise but again open worlds isn’t a deal breaker and isn’t something that I require for gameplay or think it’s “game changing”.

  • I think they should make sims 4 and the hinted sims 5 which im sure ea will be introducing but i think they should make all future sims with the ability to be played singlely or by connecting to the world and allowing simmers the opportunity to join other simmers so instead of haveing a bunch of npc you will be playing and inviting other simmer currently logged on to your home for parties and dinner give the opportunity of real world interaction

  • Open World in 5 plz…We need this back ….I run my 4 on an Alien, and it still glitches ….My Sims 2 is unplayable nowadays, and 3 is a joke at moment …

    • … Let me get this straight. You can’t even run the Sims 2 and you want open world? The sims 2 is a small game for computers to run nowadays. If you can’t even run that game I don’t think you really should be worrying about open world because you will not be able to even play the sims 5 if it had it.

    • You likely will need a new computer to play TS5. I recently just purchased one since my old computer died and spent a pretty penny for a better processor so my game loads in less than five minutes even with 70 GB of cc and mods (do not judge me lol). I will be cutting back but I enjoy a lot of alpha hairs as I have lots of sims (I play with unlimited and ultra settings) and clutter so it got very out of hand. I’ve gotten a second of lag because of the cc but I’ve been told there is some lag in B and B at times even in vanilla sims. Considering all that I’m doing to customize my game a second or two of lag isn’t an issue since I know it’s due to my cc hoarding.

  • I still find it SUPER confusing that people are surprised that Sims 5 is coming like…yeah, why do you think the sims team very specifically said “three more years” of Sims 4? That’s development time; they most likely started early this year or late the last.

  • honestly i dont want there to be a sims 4, ive spent so much money and time into sims 4, im not ready to throw it all away

  • Or, you know, it’s literally just the item description and there’s no hidden meaning behind it… They like to get silly with their descriptions.