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The Sims Team plans to improve some of the current Expansion and Game Packs for The Sims 4

The Sims Team has published one of the biggest, most important surveys for The Sims 4. The survey talks about a lot of things – from letting us rate our satisfaction with the latest update to talking about improvements we want to see in The Sims 4 Base Game and it’s potential upcoming paid content.

However, one of the most interesting questions that the survey has asked (at least in my opinion) is the question that asks Which previous EPs and GPs do we want to receive more polish and additional development.

The official survey listed all of the Expansion Packs and Game Packs that have been released to date – from Get to Work to Discover University (Expansion Packs) and from Outdoor Retreat to Realm of Magic (Game Packs).

Now, it’s no secret that the community has been asking for more polish and content to EPs and GPs that have already been released. For example, The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack came with debug features that allow you to control Cats & Dogs firsthand. However, it can only be unlocked through a mod.

There’s also been plenty of feedback on the Island Living Expansion Pack just not having enough content to play with and that the pack is pretty to look at and useful for its new CAS / Build Items.

Also, don’t get me started on the cluttered User Interface that comes with The Sims 4 Discover University when your Sim enrolls to college with 2 classes or more…

These are just some of the things that The Sims 4’s current packs could improve upon.

The Sims Team probably won’t be able to upgrade and polish all of the Expansions and Game Packs that have been released which is why the survey lets you pick up to 3 Expansions and Game Packs which will help prioritize which packs deserve the most attention.

The Sims 4 January 2020 Community Survey is open right now so make sure you vote while you still can!

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    • The pack and island living made it too easy to become an occult. For one, they should’ve been harder to get the sage to make a sim a spellcaster so it felt more deserving than a quick and very easy hunt. And it was way too easy to turn into a mermaid through the cave or points and the transformation lacked animation too. I think they should’ve made island living more about resorts and fleshed out mermaids better in a DLC. They need to make things more challenging and not be so scared that simmers will be frustrated with a challenge because when it’s too easy it negatively impacts gameplay.

    • They really need to improve Mermaids, it is just so bland :/ It is literally just a normal sim with fish tails. More details please. The worst occult in the game so far.

      • I disagree because the worst occult Sim by far is the PlantSim! But out of the occults we got in a pack, the Mermaids are rather short on gameplay features, as are Aliens.

    • I’m so glad the first comment I saw was the one I was looking for , I don’t even own the pack because I have the very same opinion, Ive watched lots of gameplay videos and the magic all looks the same for different spells and its disappointing. I also wish duels were more similar to how they handled them in “makin’ magic”, different elemental spells with really cool casting animations. Idk, maybe its just me that misses that kind of stuff. Sorry for rambling as a reply

    • Even maybe without the idea of entirely custom worlds, if they maybe would release the documentation for modders to create custom worlds it could at least lead to a bunch of cool stuff.

    • Open world, rabbit hole events around EVERY turn. I was so disappointed when I bought island living and was expecting cool underwater things to do and my sim just dipped below the surface for 30 minutes… If they could basically combine the sims 2 and 3 again, I’d be all for it. The sims 4 has been such a huge disappointment. I find myself making families, redoing their homes, and then giving up and starting over because I’m bored with the gameplay.

      • Have you tried doing some of the challenges? I occasionally do them or modify them to fit into my gaming style. There are several for sims 4, 3 and 2 so you can pick different kinds or combine them. My style has changed as before I use to do only one family but now I see the benefit of rotational playing as well as having back stories and general goals for sims. I’ve also cut back on cheating things outside of setting sims up with the basics or specific jobs I need them to have (usually less important sims and npcs). If you’re not oppose to mods there are a few by sacrificial that you may enjoy that brings something extra (or chaotic) to the table.

    • I want more in the get to work expansion pack I love going to work with my sims but I’m so tired of the same 3 jobs and also they should expand babys and elders to have there own unique features and actions since it is a life simulator and 2 stages of it feel useless

  • Honestly almost every DLC to The Sims 4 in my opinion needs some improvement :P For example improvement of singing skill in City Living, maybe option to record and release albums, giving concerts and so on… I’m happy that they’re trying to improve those things in game that we all missed :)

  • I know it’s cliche and stated over and over again but I really would like the babies to look better and be more interactive. I also miss the toddlers crawling and needing to be taught to walk. The sims 2 had great interactions and “teachable” moments with toddlers and I miss those. Although I do love the tods in Sims 4, I just wish there was more to do with them sometimes.

    • I’d like to see them add a dating service for Sims looking for a mate. Something along the lines of EHarmony, etc. They could enter their profile and what they’re looking for in a mate and get notified about prospective matches. It beats having to try to hook up with a Sim and not knowing much about them unless you move in with them. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SPIRAL STAIRCASES. They really would improve tiny house building.

      • Ladders would be nice for small living spaces. And would be a nice touch for tree houses. Stairs just don’t really work for that at least visually.

  • Pets, realm of magic, and island living. Also a bit on seasons like when it snows the pool freezes too stuff like that. I hope they also improve babies too

    • I would love improved babies. I’m over them being objects. I think the team did a good job with toddlers so it would be nice to see a similar outcome for babies such as multitasking with them, being able to travel with babies and able to dress them in CAS or at least have some clothing and hair options. I would also love if pregnant sims could visit a doctor to find out the gender and receive parenting books either through a rabbit hole or a real sim with get to work.

  • I think most of the DLC from before January 2017 needs to be updated some for toddlers. Camping and dining out with the little guys is tedious at best right now–they can’t sleep in tents or bring high chairs to restaurants–and I’ve always wanted to be able to add toddlers to clubs so that I can arrange playdates more easily.

  • no one gonna mention the Dine Out pack?? that’s got to be the most broken pack to date… Says run a restaurant yet you can’t even run it lmaoo.. on top of that managing it is way to aggressive… every corner your employees have low morale just as you finally make some money… Then you have to dish out more cash just to keep them

  • Improve babies. Let us walk around with them, wear baby carriers, walk with strollers, tummy time on the floor, sit in rocking chairs, etc.

    Side note: bring back werewolves!

  • I think that island living will be one of the 3 packs chosen because it is very empty for an expansion pack. Also, I hope that they will improve mermaids like, at least, give them an unique tombstone and urn. And it would be amazing if they do toodler and child mermaids with tails and everything

  • we need smarter sims. legacies. better gameplay and storyprogress. also it would be nice if they added more lots to every existing neighborhood/ world. and every gamepack is missing something. seasons misses the festivals like sims 3. magic realm the magic from sims 1. cats and dogs misses more animals (birds racoons insects skunks bears) and also smarter cats and dogs. Island living.. please let us swim under water and make housebiats! city living: can we please build/ make our own apartments?? ..and so on

  • They should back stuff from sims 3 while they are at it, I’ve noticed so many people don’t play 4 because of all the stuff you can’t do. Want inspiration there are hundred of Facebook groups and communities they should add themselves to those and actually ask simmer’s not just give closes answered quizzes

  • My game doesn’t even start up anymore after downloading Discover University ):

    I was SO excited to play but now it won’t even start up waaah. Help!

  • Aliens! They need improvement! They look too much like other sims and doesn’t have that much CAS options, plus other occults have better gameplay options. I always loved aliens in the sims, but i feel like they’re boring in the sims 4.

  • They should open a forum for each DLC to see what exactly needs polishing and the more popular ones should be looked at first. Going back to polish wasn’t something they were really thinking of doing the last time a guru was asked a long time ago but things changed for the better. I think including a live in store lot trait where sims can live in the retail lot as if it’s a residential (yes I’m aware there’s a mod and I’m using it but I’m all for using one less mod when I can) would be a good alternative to the city living yard sale. Dine out is a must in polishing as well since it’s very bugged.

  • Now that I think about it, I would love if dogs and cats could have jobs of their own and be able to work with sims like being a police dog or be assigned a task like working as watch dog for a farmer sim. And they might as well unlock controlling cats and dogs and give simmers the ability to choose if they want to actively control pets. Speaking of pets, I wish we were able to feed the fishes in the tank (and could have more than three options for the small fish tank). We also need more traits and trait slots too.

  • I was just thinking the other day (I know it isn’t technically an expansion, but still) how nice it would be if they redid the base game hairstyles and made them more detailed and HD like the more recently released hairstyles. The base game hairstyles look so clay-like in comparison to the more recent stuff so, I almost never use it. Would be nice.

  • I was just thinking the other day (I know it isn’t technically an expansion, but still) how nice it would be if they redid the base game hairstyles and made them more detailed and HD like the more recently released hairstyles. The base game hairstyles look so clay-like in comparison to the more recent stuff so, I almost never use it. Would be nice. Also, ROOMMATES FOR EVERYONE, NOT JUST FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS! LOL!

  • I would like to create mods but am not technically able do it. I have loved playing the Sims since they first came with the game. I don’t want anyone think I am dum but what is a mod and what do they do? It would be nice to be able to get more traits and aspirations too. I would like to have more lots to be ableto build on, more worlds and more neighborhoods.

  • They need to have an option to try to become a famous band in get famous it doesn’t make sense to just have acting and Del Sol Valley is so boring it’s no different than the base game cities no ones doing anything different and the places to visit around town aren’t special. Atleast give access to a downtown and beach and have more houses to visit. Only a few celebrities actually live somewhere the rest just appear and disappear out of thin air. Sims 3 Late Night should not be out doing any Sims 4 game

  • The only packs I actually enjoy are..
    The Vampire Pack, Realm of Magic and Island Living, Pets a bit
    Island Living and Pets lacking of content and any other DLC is actually not worth the money with this lack of content. The Vampire Pack is the best since it promised everything I needed, even if the town is actually useless and no fun..
    I decided for polishing for Realm Of Magic,Vampire Pack and Cats & Dogs since they are the only hope I have of the packs in Sims 4 and I got all of them.
    Sims 4 is not bad, it is just lacking in content and results in being overpriced.

  • I play on PS4 and would love to have some of the things computers have access to. Such as the My First Pet pack. I am a rat mom and would love to have pet rats in my game play.

  • I am less than one year Sim player. I like to play in the Sim but it has a lot of bugs, I mean, a lot. I bought Island Living and it was nice to see all the colorful cas and cus and even the world but when I went to actually play there,… It was so boring. I am console player so I cannot download Mods, but if someone has to download Mods to make a simulation game more real,… Something is going wrong with the game. If you are asking me, no, I will not buy sims 5 when it will come in. It is a game that you cannot play with only the base so I don’t see myself buying again expansions, game packs to make it more playable and have more and more bugs again.

    • Yea…I’m smelling stuff packs made out of features that improve expansions. Imagine My First Pet Stuff Pack 2.0…I sure do hope not.

      • That would make me really angry… many bugs in game, long waiting time for upgrades and now pay for content what should be in game what we already paid for?

        • To recall they did try this approach to “polishing” Cats and Dogs however, the releases were too close to each other leading more people to believe My First Pet Stuff was a cash grab. Which it was but I think we as consumers were expected to embrace the stuff pack as a “polish” to the expansion. The gurus even responded to the outrage with the approach of “hey we wanted to add to Cats and Dogs and include people who may want some items/features similar to the expanision but prefer the stuff pack”. EA is known to be a scandalous crook stunt queen.

  • Island Living needs an intervention from Jesus. So many people (including me) were fooled with that pack. That is a pack that definetly needs some serious improvement especially since the original price is so much.

  • I would like to see university improve as in being able to do to the classes, sims 3 university was amazing and I am let down by sims 3 university

  • The thing I want most is bigger neighbourhoods and the ability to control multiple sims that are away from home, like one sim is on one lot and another at home or on another lot, I want to be able to switch easily.

  • You guys need to add more stuff like name brand stuff and make it seem like real life BC the only way to get that kind of stuff is to download it off of a website and that takes too much space on a console.

  • I want story progression. I want for my Sims sister’s or bother’s who I have as un-played to potentially get married and have a family of their own without me having to do it myself for my Sim kids to have cousins and family!

  • You should be able to work in your own restaurant (Dine out). I don’t even understand how that was released without that option…

  • How about just fixing the bugs in prior EPs and GPs before adding new features. Maybe a break in releasing packs and providing a SINGLE large patch to address all the old issues (not a patch every 4 weeks that only break so many mods that were crafted with care but require the poor modder to spend more time updating than having a life).

  • I’m two days late but I wanted to share my opinion because I think this is great and I want to discuss-

    So I’m basically gonna tell this comment section what I “told” EA in the survey.

    I think this is a great opportunity for the sims 4 and changes to packs is something I’ve personally been wanting for a while now. For example, I play mostly with young sims and families and I thought parenthood could undergo some changes. It’s a great pack, but it would be even better if it could add a little more depth to childhoods, and by that I mean more playing with things and people etc.

    One thing I was really hoping for with parenthood would be more interactions between the younger lifestages (teens, children and toddlers), such as playing with each other, a bit like in the sims 2 when sims could play with each other by playing ball, catch, tickling each other, dancing and other sweet interactions like that. Except this time maybe those interactions should be limited to family or kid to kid (and by kid to kid I mean toddlers and teens included) because I always got weird adult sims who would go around tickling their also adult neighbours every time they see them. Anyways I also believe this would make teens more realistic considering there is little difference between adults and teens in ts4, and also it would make playing with families more likable. This could also be added in base game but I think EA would want money for that.

    I went a little wild with the text so I’ll just leave it here and add a TDLR: I believe more depth to childhoods or depth to the younger lifestages could be a very great change to either the parenthood pack or the base game.

  • the expansions dont need changing its the game play aspect.. so many people want better babies cause right now their just useless… and then more stuff for elderly

  • What they need to do is create the Sims 5 with open worlds, cars, and better graphics. The Sims 4 can’t even compare to the Sims 3, I bought the game (Sims 4) and try to play it a couple of times but it was so bad that I left it and never came back to it. I lost $89.00 on a game not worth playing. I don’t care how many expansion packs they release, I will never play the game unless they make it an open world game like the sims 3.