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The Sims 4 June 2020 Update: Content Overview

The Sims 4 on PC, Mac and Console has received a huge new update ahead of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle launching on Friday. As well as the usual bug fixes you can find in a patch, this patch has brought a lot of new features to the base game.

To view the full patch notes click here.

New Makeup

The Sims has teamed up with M.A.C Cosmetics to bring a range of new makeup additions to the game. You can check out the overview here.


Tired of your Sims using stairs? Why not change them up for

Window & Door Free Placement

You can now finally place windows and doors freely on walls by holding down alt and moving the window/door to the desired location when placing.

No Trespassing

Fed up of Vlad always trying to break in and turn your Sim into a Vampire? Have no fear you can now a variety of options to stop unwelcomed guests from trying to enter your Sims home.

Send Home Interaction

The Send Home interaction is more of a handy tool for players more than anything else especially if you have multiple NPC Sims on your lot as well. Plus it won’t have any impact on your Sims relationship levels either.

Legacy Neighbourhood Tags

Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest & Windenburg have had neighbourhood descriptions added to them!

So why not take a trip to Llama Lagoon in Newcrest, Sage Estates in Willow Creek, Acquisition Butte in Oasis Springs or Windslar in Windenburg.


Living Off The Grid has had a lot of updates in this patch which you can find here.

Bills Update

Simply click on your mailbox or cell phone and you can now see a more detailed breakdown of your household bills. You will even be able to store or sell any additional power or water your Sims may have.

You will also notice that many of the in-game objects including walls, floor, fences and columns also bring different gameplay modifiers. These can have an effect on how your Sims household bills and utilities are calculated.

You can turn this off via the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.

Inventory 2.0

Inventory 2.0 is here and it gives you a much more organized and manageable inventory. Gone are the days of constantly searching for that one item in your Sims inventory. With the addition of new filters for both finding items and sorting out your inventory, you will never lose another item again.

Repo Person

Make sure you keep up with paying your bills or you might get a visit from the Repoman.


Your friendly neighbourhood Firefighters have made a return to The Sims 4.

Let us know what you think of today’s update!

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  • It’s small but I love the little tags that were added to the older worlds. I was annoyed that they didn’t exist before this, but now that they are here it makes the neighborhoods feel a little more special and not just a place to live/visit.

    • Is there some universal issue with this update? On my ps4 my game keeps crashing and saying: error CE-34878-0 and won’t even get passed the loading screen. I’ve done everything I can but it keeps crashing, very frustrated with this

      • I don’t know if I’m the only one having this problem with the new update but suddenly L1 & L2 buttons won’t work in CAS or when I wanted to manage employees for Dinet Out. Now I can’t hire any nee employees…

      • That happened to me what you have to do is completely uninstall your game with all packs if you have any and then reinstall them.

      • Same last time this happened i had to uninstall everything and reinstall but leave jungle adventure out then move my save to a new one by completly saving everyone in gallerery and replacing them…..i hope theres a fix soon for this one

  • After installing the new update all my alien sims are covered in the ‘unknown item’ tag. How do I fix this?

  • i’d be a lot happier with it if it hadn’t had broken for so many simmers, my main save file has died every time i try load it my screen freezes and takes me to my home page. Excited to try it out when it’s fixed!

  • Y’all still ain’t fix the fact that the games programming isn’t compatible with all forms of laptop software when it’s a computer game.

    • I’m facing the same frustration. I bought a new 16″ MacBook Pro to play this and run a YouTube channel from, only to discover that there has been an ongoing issue with this Mac since it was released last year. The game is totally unplayable and from what I can see, EA are doing nothing about it! I’m plagued with constant crashes, graphics issues like black lines and screen tearing and I can’t build houses either, as the bottom drops out of them as soon as you place any flooring!

  • Ever since I updated sims my game files just won’t load (Xbox) got quite a few builds which took me weeks to Finnish and a game file since I first bought the game, is there anyway to fix it without making a new game save?

    • After the new update my save file will not load and keeps crashing! Any other save file opens fine, just my main one with all my builds and new ones will not load. Please fix this!! I have hours upon hours put into my builds. :(

  • I happened to stumble upon a glitch after my Sims 4 updated. This might be a little nitpick, but I’ve noticed when my Sims are watching a movie, a feature introduced in Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, I noticed that the bar when they’re done watching the film won’t fill up. What gives? And think you can fix this?

  • Can you be a firefighter?
    Also when is the option for “Sell All” for inventory and house inventory gonna be added? It’d be REALLY helpful


    • exactly the same issue, but it appears to just crash one of my games (the oldest/biggest one), other smaller/newer ones are okay. I’m gutted!

    • I had the exact same problem!! I fixed it by doing the following:

      1. On your computer, go to Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4
      2. Remove (don’t delete) your Sims 4 folder from Electronic Arts
      3. Start up the game. A new Sims 4 folder will automatically generate.
      I go through periods of deleting/restarting games on the Sims, so I didn’t really have an game save files that I wanted to keep. But I believe you would drag the “saves” file from your original Sims 4 folder to your new one if you wanted to load a previous saved game.

      I can’t guarantee that this will work for you. Previously, I had tried updating both Origin and my computer, removing all of my mods, and using the “repair game” option on Origin. None of those worked but this did for me. Best of luck!

      • This worked! I could not play with my previous save file though, I think that it was corrupted by the update, or something like that. I did have the household and everything saved to my library, so as long as you have everything in your old save downloaded on your library, this fixes the problem!

  • This update has crashed my oldest/biggest game file. Every time I try to open it, even a recovered version of it, it just crashes a few seconds into the loading screen. I even copied the files, renamed them and put them back in as a new game, but it still crashes. Please help!

  • Has any simsgurus acknowledged there is a problem? Everywhere I go there are many many simmer saying the same thing “my game crashes!”

    • SimGuruNick tweeted about acknowloging it:
      “I’ve seen a number of reports of the game crashing when attempting to load a specific save file. We’re investigating, so sorry for the trouble. In the meantime please just hold onto the broken save and try playing a different save or starting a new game.”

      But nothing new since yesterday

  • Wow this is amazing, I just logged on to the Sims! The makeup is actually pretty cool, I mean the eyeliner is a BIT weird but it’s now literally 11pm and I can’t stop playing lol


  • Ugggh my sims 4 game on x box one just crash like every second it don’t matter if I buy a new pack, update every time a new patch come out, my save game keep disappearing the sims teams needs to fix this really quick cause this is annoying n like the new makeup but on darker sims not so great need more work n those areas. Otherwise I love the new patch it’s huge

  • This patch is great and all but now my game is completely frozen after going to build mode and back out. I can’t do anything. I have a brand new computer, too. Also the Simology section is really…ugly. I’ve only been noticing one negative thing after another. Not quite sure if this update was quite ready.

    • I’ve been having the same problem. This is the first Sims patch that has been an utterly awful experience for me.

  • I wish there was a way to turn off the repo person; I never liked that feature at all. It’s an unwanted nuisance if I forget to have my Sim pay their bills- I much prefer them realistically having their lights turned off.

    • @ EM Kay I thought the lights go off first when you don’t pay and then the repo person shows up later to collect which would be realistic.

  • Hello, greetings, regards from Turkey
    I updated my game, There is no problem. This update is great. Full of little surprises. I am very grateful, Thank you

  • Crashes my saved game files I’ve worked on for MONTHS after this update. Only gives me the option to start a new game, why would I even want to do that considering an update is going to erase everything I’ve worked so hard on for countless hours. I have loved the sims since the original and I am so very disappointed with this update. Fucking trash. How bout y’all fix the fact that you ruined a lot of people’s games.

  • It’s functioning absolutely horribly for me! Any time I open any sort of window, be it to buy or build something, or to plan a sim’s outfit (which, btw, CAS is horribly glitched as well. The “play with genetics” icon is blurred across the back of all of the clothes and it’s very hard to look at), or to select something for my sim to make at the robotics station, the UI entirely disappears! My sim isn’t visible in the bottom left corner, there are a bunch of blank moodlet boxes that are all blue, I can’t access my inventory, needs, career, etc. on the bottom right bar, and worst of all, I can’t even open my menu! So even if there’s a glitch and I need to exit my game fully and restart it (because going to the menu screen doesn’t work) I can’t save my progress beforehand. So like, oops! I entered buy mode to put more display cases in my retail store, and now all of the things I did beforehand, I need to do again! I really hope this gets fixed soon. My game ran perfectly before. Now it’s a nightmare.

    • Oh my god this is happening to me I’ve done everything and I can’t even get passed the screen where it asks you if you wanna start a new game or load a game. I just got the “Get to work” pack and I’m worried that I just wasted my money on something that’s now not gonna work. I guess it’s good to know it’s not my ps4 but the patch. Still aggravated though

  • The new update has caused a graphics issue and gallery issue. My sims traits under the panel has a grayed out lama in the background and the genealogy graphics are also messed up. I’m also having an issue with my gallery. The panels for my library, online gallery, and all other panels have a bunch of numbers on the name and show nothing but a blank screen when I click each one.

    • I’m having the same problem. I can’t use my gallary. I used the repair and it still won’t work. I can’t build very good and I usually use the gallery to download a house. So when you can fix it let me know please.

  • Is there some universal issue with this patch? On my ps4 my game keeps crashing and saying: error CE-34878-0 and won’t even get passed the loading screen. And now I’m seeing alot of people are having this issue not just me. I’ve done everything I can but it keeps crashing, very frustrated with this

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one that’s absolutely peeved about this update. My game doesn’t even want to open anymore. I hope they fix it soon and that my data is all intact because I’m going to be livid if all my progress has been erased.

  • Os anyone else having trouble with plants? My sage bushes that were grafted are going back to sprout stage after every harvest! This never happened before. Is it a new feature or a bug? My plants are all behaving weirdly.

  • Not sure if its a bug or lack of knowledge on my part but there is no way to rotate or zoom in on a Sim in CAS for xbox while playing with a controller. I tried pressing every button both individually and in combination. I dont see it labeled anywhere on the control map either. I ended up switching to keyboard and mouse because I could not figure it out.

    • I don’t know if this’ll be helpful, but I was having the same issue on my Xbox one, in the end i found the on/off method worked. I turned my game off completely, waited about 5 minutes then loaded it back up into CAS and the rotation worked and appeared in the controls tab.

  • On Twitter a guru has responded to complaints and concerns about save files. They’re working on a fix for this. As of now maybe start a new save file but avoid doing anything with the current save files you have. It’s quite possible, as someone mentioned that older save files could’ve gotten corrupted overtime from patches. Definitely a patch that shows we all have to keep backups of our saves and trays just in case. Had a computer died on me and was such a nervous wreck worrying if I lost everything so I have backups on Dropbox and external hard drive just in case. Will be updating those as soon as I get power back from recent storms.

    • Yoooo I’m really worried about what I’m reading from people yikes.. I’m not even gonna attempt to play but I really hope my saved game is still there and not lost forever that would honestly be devastating idc if it’s just a game I’ve been playing this saved file for a long time and I’ve got a lot of things going on I really don’t want to lose it please.. I’ve got a nice little story going

  • This is all nice but I don’t have a single save that won’t crash my PS4 or PC on attempting to load so I currently don’t really own this game anymore. Error CE-34878-0. EA has offered the useless help response to just load an old working save, all 10 are busted or start a new game, which isn’t help it’s surrender. I’m pretty angry & I’m not alone.

  • I like this update so far but, two new things are happening when a male sim uses the bathroom there is fire in the toilet bowl and the nanocan no longer gives money when you throw something away. I don’t use cheats or mods and my lot is residential so I honestly don’t know what to do. Not major issues but definitely odd.

  • I play on PS4 and was looking forward to this patch but after reading all the problems associated with it (crashing when trying to load a Saved Game) all I can say is FORGET IT!! What is it with the developers? Can’t they make this game ever work properly?

    • You’d think after so many years that this sort of thing would never happen. It’s like they don’t see that they’re probably the least respected game company, which could be totally revamped if they made a few changes and didn’t charge exorbitant prices for virtual items that should’ve been available from the get go. Not to mention the bugs they come with and the fact they have less in them than was available in Sims 3. I’m losing all hope that they’ll make a Sims 5 that is actually decent and offers everything from the get go.

  • I was looking forward to playing my game on my xbox after installing the update but my xbox one now only loads just past the load save files then crashes I’m already regretting updating my game because I now can’t play the sims at all!

  • Dear @thesims love the thw update but I am having a bit of problems with my plants ans I dont know if it just me or if other pwoplw are experiencing the same as me. Also what is happening is that after I play my plants Disappears after a few sim hours when I hover over where the plant was its still there (in its before planted dorm) and then reappears when it time to harvest the next day. Please does anyone know how to fix this please help.

  • My game started to have issues after this update, too. It freezes everytime I reach the loading screen. :|

  • So far no issues with the update, not so sure about the inventory improvement, seems a little glitchy but it seems smoother running otherwise.

  • Consoles or pc problems? Can’t tell in most of reviews. Haven’t downloaded nor i have i noticed a sim guru answer. Just curious.

    • Both. PC problems seem to mostly be crashing issues and console issues are mostly glitches but all kinds of issues have been reported for both at this point.

  • They need to stop putting the boy toddlers in girls clothes and the girls in boys clothes and giving the girls boy hairstyles and the boys girl hairstyles. I see with this update they have added more clothes for the kids and toddlers.

  • It would be great if this update didn’t cause my game to crash! I was hoping to enjoy this update today but myself and many others are finding the game literally unplayable because we can’t access our save files anymore.

    I really hope you manage to fix this ASAP and that no-one ends up losing all their hard work!

  • The problems I’m having are my moodlets turn blue where I can’t see anything on them, when I go to change my sim’s outfits the categories look really weird like the soccer ball was for sleep, a leash was for athletic and they’re like on top of each other, and then one that just happened this morning was I went to build mode to delete something and when I went back the whole bottom part like where it shows your sim, their needs, moodlets, and all of that was completely gone. I couldn’t even exit my game either, had to reset the whole game, so I didn’t know what to do! :/

  • hi so i updated my game today but when i started playing i wanted to build and edit my house but it said this trait can only be done in the world and it was unpuased but the little time puase thigy wasnt there and cant do anything help pls

  • Idk if this has been talked about but how do you get the control UI off the screen. Like there is this list on the right side of my screen and I can’t seem to find where to shut it off. On ps4

  • Very dissapointing that a makeup brand that tests on animals is now getting money when i buy games. Can sims please take this AWAYYYY?????!!!

  • I gotta learn to turn off auto updates so I can choose not to if I read horrible reviews. I hope my saved game isn’t gone for good if it is gone. I’m scared to even go on and see because I’m not sure if attempting causes this or if it’s already going to happen no matter what. Am I going to have to wait another month or so for the next update or is the team going to address this? Please respond with at least acknowledgement