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The Sims 4 June 2020 Update: Content Overview

The Sims 4 on PC, Mac and Console has received a huge new update ahead of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle launching on Friday. As well as the usual bug fixes you can find in a patch, this patch has brought a lot of new features to the base game.

To view the full patch notes click here.

New Makeup

The Sims has teamed up with M.A.C Cosmetics to bring a range of new makeup additions to the game. You can check out the overview here.


Tired of your Sims using stairs? Why not change them up for

Window & Door Free Placement

You can now finally place windows and doors freely on walls by holding down alt and moving the window/door to the desired location when placing.

No Trespassing

Fed up of Vlad always trying to break in and turn your Sim into a Vampire? Have no fear you can now a variety of options to stop unwelcomed guests from trying to enter your Sims home.

Send Home Interaction

The Send Home interaction is more of a handy tool for players more than anything else especially if you have multiple NPC Sims on your lot as well. Plus it won’t have any impact on your Sims relationship levels either.

Legacy Neighbourhood Tags

Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest & Windenburg have had neighbourhood descriptions added to them!

So why not take a trip to Llama Lagoon in Newcrest, Sage Estates in Willow Creek, Acquisition Butte in Oasis Springs or Windslar in Windenburg.


Living Off The Grid has had a lot of updates in this patch which you can find here.

Bills Update

Simply click on your mailbox or cell phone and you can now see a more detailed breakdown of your household bills. You will even be able to store or sell any additional power or water your Sims may have.

You will also notice that many of the in-game objects including walls, floor, fences and columns also bring different gameplay modifiers. These can have an effect on how your Sims household bills and utilities are calculated.

You can turn this off via the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.

Inventory 2.0

Inventory 2.0 is here and it gives you a much more organized and manageable inventory. Gone are the days of constantly searching for that one item in your Sims inventory. With the addition of new filters for both finding items and sorting out your inventory, you will never lose another item again.

Repo Person

Make sure you keep up with paying your bills or you might get a visit from the Repoman.


Your friendly neighbourhood Firefighters have made a return to The Sims 4.

Let us know what you think of today’s update!

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  • I updated my game again but No Trespassing option and new Toddler & Child Styles are still not there or working… Anyone else?

  • Ever since the update, some of the UI got messed up. The holiday traditions stuff is all messed up and also the simology menu. There’s also much more. Including all the UI disappearing after taking photos in the game. What do I do?

  • Now that we can block vampires from coming to individual houses, is it too much to ask to make the visits interesting again? You know, the tame version of knocking and patiently waiting was a solution for the time, but now it’s kind of an obsolete fix.

  • i can no longer spin my sims around in cas and i can’t figure out how to get rid of the controls on the screen. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

  • My sims is completely broken after this update. Can’t access the options menu, when i try and play there is no pause/control panel at the bottom. Everything has crashed

  • Hey I just updated the game and a lot of problems have been happening. Firstly: the gallery is all screwed up for me, it shows nothing and just shows up with spammed we’d in the categories. Secondly: sometimes when I get out of Build mode I try to go to another sim and it glitches and removes the whole sim face. Please help if you know what’s happening

  • I updated my game and I cannot visit the gallery. I can’t control my sims as the user interface is not showing. The only things that are working are manage households and building. HELPPPPP!!!

  • Hey! ever since the update my gallery is blank! i try to open it and all the categories are replaced with W’s. Also when i tried to go from build mode back to live mode my game crashed. Is anybody else having these problems?

  • Hey all,

    Playing on ps4. I kept getting the error code shortly after loading file. In the short time I could play the game would freeze and I couldn’t tell my sim to do anything. I figured it was just my ps4 and ran through the gamut. Unplug ps4, check updates, all the way to initialize ps4. None of that worked. What did work was uninstalling sims 4 then reinstalling without the ecolifestyle pack. Guess I,ll have to wait to play it.