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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting: Knittable Objects Overview


The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting comes with a variety of new clothing and objects your Sims can knit themselves. For this article, we are going to take a look at the items you can create from Buy Mode.

Every object that you can knit is available in a variety of colours. You may even discover a hidden swatch along the way!

Cable Knit Rug

“Handcrafted to showcase the cable stitch among other techniques, this soft wool rug mirrors the texture and comfort of a sweater in a form that offers a cozy experience for the toes.”

Cozy Knitted Mailbox

“Cozy and colorful, this mailbox is a crafter’s delight and a yarn lovers dream.”

Perfect Pouf

“The perfect project to hone your knitting skills, this classic pouf turned out practically perfect! It’s so comfortable to sit on”

Crafty Cactus

“For the Sim who just can’t have enough knitted decor in their life this cactus is perfect. It looks real, and it never has to be watered. Impress your friends and loved ones by gifting them a knitted cactus today!”

Cactus & Llama, the Perfect Pair

“A knit cactus is a skillful craft that allows the knitter to practice knitting in the round. This little cactus was knit with precision and skill, then nestled in a ceramic llama flower pot”

Pepper the Penguin

“Several different knitting skills were combined to create Pepper, your new adorable penguin friend! The beanie on her head is a reminder of how far the crafter’s skills have come since the first time they picked up the knitting needles.”

Octavian the Octopus

“Cuddly and cute, Octavian the Octopus adds whimsical charm to any room. His soft, plush body and eight poofy legs are proof that the crafter has mastered knitting in the round.”

Timmy the Turtle

“Hand stitched with patience and love, Timmy the Turtle is the perfect companion, and when playtime is over he looks adorable perched on a shelf.”

Claire the Bear

“Claire the little bear who likes to stare was handcrafted with love and care.”

Lil’ Grim

“Happy Haunting, Lil’ Grim. Better luck next time.”

Yarny Toy

“Yarny is the little thread that ties everyone and everything together. This toy Yarny was handcrafted with love, to remind you that you are brave and strong and capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to.”

Succulent in a Round Pot

Available in short, medium and long sizes.

“Crafted with care, this plant hanger is designed to hold a small, round pot.”

Hanger for Three Plants

Available in short, medium and long sizes.

“Three plants nestled snugly in the embrace of a handcrafted plant hanger.”

Zigzag Hanger for Plant in a Round Pot

Available in short, medium and long sizes.

“A handcrafted plant hanger with a zigzag design that holds a plant in a round pot.”

What are you looking forward to your Sims knitting next? Let us know!

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