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IT’S OFFICIAL: The Sims 4’s Next Expansion Pack to be revealed NEXT WEEK!

After announcing just a few weeks ago that they’ll be revealing The Sims 4’s 10th Expansion Pack in the coming weeks, The Sims Team has quietly put up a teaser on The Sims 4’s Main Menu.

The teaser revealed that The Sims Team will be doing a full reveal of the next Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 on October 20th! The reveal will begin with the announcement trailer on their official YouTube Channel at 8AM PT / 5PM CET / 4PM BT, with other information and a whole new news cycle coming shortly after.

The Sims Team has already set the expectations a few weeks ago saying what the next EP won’t be about:

In just a matter of weeks we’ll be sharing more about our next Expansion Pack, which we’ve been working on since last year. I want to set expectations now, though, that cars, babies, farms and bunk beds are not part of this EP. We understand how important these features are to you but we want to be honest that they are not part of this upcoming pack.


We’ll be keeping you up to date about the next Expansion Pack right here on Sims Community so stay tuned!

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  • I stopped playing and buying. I shouldn’t have to download cc and mods to make the game more enjoyable. Everything they’re releasing lacks depth also it’s like they just don’t listen to their fans.

        • Sorry but Tiny living and Eco lifestyle are my two favourite packs. Yeah so Star Wars was rubbish but I bet there’s someone out there who really enjoyed it and at least Nifty Knitting had gameplay. Just saying, I don’t think the packs of late have been bad at all.

          • Also we can’t blame the Sims Team for messing up Star Wars when they were being closely watched by Mickey Mouse.

        • I totally disagree. With the exception of the Star Wars pack, I’ve enjoyed all the packs that have come out recently. SW was the first pack I didn’t buy and that was just because I wasn’t interested in it and I didn’t want to buy it just for the sake of having them all. But I honestly love all the other packs.

      • They lack substance most of the time and they show all of this action and possibility in their trailers but the world is never that interactive

  • Watch it be another pack that I we didn’t ask for! Since they actually never listen to us. Still waiting on those skin tone fixes btw!

  • gonna be cool to see what more bugs, glitches get added so that the modders can save the day again. Too much clay and future cubes still going on.

    • Nooo don’t fix that one! My sims are making serious cash off that glitch! Besides, there are bigger bugs they need to fix first, imo.

  • Apparently this is a pack that they’ve been working on since last year. Some speculate that it has to do with something similar to showtime. Personally I would love a generation pack, historical (similar to the historical challenges) or “vacation” type of world like sulani for managing hotels/motels and house boats. Also would love if less people would get mad if a pack isn’t geared towards them and claim “it’s not what the community (aka that Erwin) wanted” when at least half or more of the community likes it. If it turns out to be a generation pack I think that would be well received though some people still “forget” that many people play sims without occults and use regular families/family geared gameplay instead of focus on YA or occults only (or at all). I feel that the community focuses a lot on YA even on the knitting pack which would’ve been a good time to finally give elders and adults some CAS content that looks more appropriate. It’s funny how some people call it a granny pack when CAS is hardly “granny” and knitting isn’t age restricted.

  • They better deliver on this one. I see a lot of simmers who lost a lot a interest and just left the whole game after the Starwars debacle. Would like to see Sims recover from that one

    • No, that was after it came out and the community had a cow over it. And they felt the need to set expectations for the EP. Which is honestly ridiculous.

  • I dunno but why do I feel as if this was a bit too fast, like it’s probably rushed again. The expansion pack seems to come a bit early, or is it just me?

    • It literally says they’ve been working on it for over a year? Also idk if they’re rushing maybe it’s to take the focus off of the star wars pack because so many people complained

  • I just wanna say though it is unrelated, I want horses, people will disagree with me but that’s just me so I will say what I want to say that’s it. I think horses can be a stuff pack. (Hopefully never a game or expansion pack) like just a horse, some equestrian type of clothes and things for horses, I think that would be cool, they could even add a horse race but this time we would be able to see the race, and maybe just a bit of rules and a system to how ur horse wins, It probably would become a game pack if that were the case so Instead I would appreciate it if when they make a farming pack they include this and a ton of other cool farm stuff, surely equestrian matches farm life, so I would appreciate it , just my opinion:)

    • Actually that would be cool. I think an EP like farming would be something really cool. There they could add horses and a lot of other animals. And remember, it’s your opinion and you have every right to wish for something you like.

  • I just hope for something like Sims 3 Into The Future, or something connected to this poll with new worlds and shopping centers.

    • I think two sci-fi packs back-to-back is pretty unlikely, but I would LOVE to see Into the Future revisited. It was fun, but it could use some tightening up.

  • If you don’t like the pack, don’t buy it and stop complaining about it. Yes, it would be wonderful if it had something to do with what people have been asking for and that we said we wanted when they asked us all those questions, before coming out with the Star Wars pack. I would like Hotels/Motels, but other people would like something else, you can’t please everyone. We should just wait and see what it is and not jump the gun on saying we won’t like it and be mad.

    • Yeah, I’ve got my hopes up for some kind of romance pack (Vegas weddings?)
      Online dating, ownable hotels, turn-ons, turn-offs, Miss Crumplebottom and her fellow retirees at the blackjack table/slot machines, wedding officiants (Elvis impersonators?), best men, bridesmaids, crazy bachelor parties… and most importantly of all, another residential desert area!

      It’ll never happen, but oh man it’d be sweet

  • I would love an expansion pack that adds more careers, maybe even ghost hunting where you expel mad and angry ghosts and calm them down to either return happily or leave the realm. I’d also love more dance moves haha

  • This game is so popular. I’m going to buy the next pack for sure since I recently bought the Star Wars one when it came out. So now, just have to wait for this one next. Can’t wait!!!

  • I haven’t played in a while, I’ve been disappointed with the Sims in general lately, but I’m letting myself get a tad bit excited for this. While still keeping my expectations low lol. I’d be PUMPED for any of the following:

    -Vacation pack (a new winter world, and allowing us to visit / own resorts, rentals or own second houses in all worlds)
    -Hobbies pack (because I feel like my sims are always just on the computer, I want them to DO things)
    -Farming (won’t get too excited for this bc they said before it wasn’t coming anytime soon)
    -Generations (also very unlikely but wanted and needed SO bad! Our teens and elders need some activities)

    • Yeah, we know it won’t be farming because they told us that, though I do think that could be cool.

      I’m really hoping for a winter activities type pack. I mean, sims can already ice skate!

  • First please fix the clay balls, extra books and crazy messed-up worlds you gave me with Eco-life..
    Next, lemme know why a ton of my favorite cc creators vanished off the planet of the earth leaving me with nothing but corrupted files that I’m still having to fix MYSELF and add mods to make it fun?. Like personality, eyelashes or garments.

    For some estrange reason at this point, I’m just more excited about more diverse skins and sliders in December. I really do hate that you’re forced to buy every single pack in order to get new hairstyles and/or make-up. Hoping this new pack will bring little joy for all the cc(s) and mod(s) removals REQUIRED in order to keep playing!

    • The sliders for skin are an absolute game changer that I think many are over looking. Especially with how amazing modders have gotten over the last few years. Incorporating that is going to open one hell of a big door. The python update will break a lot of mods however, I feel like that in itself is going to open many doors for modders as well. I’m more looking forward to the back-end update from a modding stand point more than anything else.

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