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The Sims Team has hired 21 Custom Content Creators for the next Sims 4 Update


The Sims Franchise is making a big leap out of their comfort zone for the first time ever!

The Sims Team acknowledged their 21st Anniversary of The Sims Franchise yesterday with an interesting tweet:

Grab a Simsmapolitan! We’re 21! To celebrate, we’ve partnered with some talented creators to create a gift for our community, by our community #YouMakeTheSims. We can’t wait to share on Feb 25th!

Although the tweet didn’t reveal much regarding their next surprise – many simmers have started speculating that it could involve custom content creators and their contribution to The Sims 4’s next update considering that the surprise is “a gift for our community, by our community”.

The official twitter profile for The Sims France has revealed a bit more – saying that The Sims Team has hired 21 creators for their next surprise.

For the occasion, we collaborated with 21 talented designers / creators to prepare a gift for the community!

LuumiaSims, a talented Custom Content Creator and Modder for The Sims 4 seems to be one of the 21 CC Creators who have collaborated with The Sims Team to bring their unique content to The Sims 4:

He is best known for his Maxis Match custom creations such as Body Hair, Hairstyles, CAS Outfits and more! You can check out his CC catalog HERE!

This would be the first time that The Sims Team has broken the mold by hiring community members to create content for The Sims – and we’re definitely here for it!

Whatever content we get on February 25th in The Sims 4 please note that this would be the first project collaboration with CC Creators to have their content included in the game. Even if the content we get doesn’t include any new gameplay elements we can still be proud of this amazing milestone – and that’s that CC Creators are finally being acknowledged and recognized by The Sims Team.

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