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The Sims 4: More Information About the Upcoming Pack Trials

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Yesterday we reported that coding had been found in game that linked into the possibility of Game Trials coming to The Sims 4. Since we shared that post, more information has been found that further confirms that an official announcement about Game Trials could be coming very soon.

Crosimmer shared the images on Twitter showing us what some of the UI updates for Game Trials look like in game and how it would appear against a save file that had used a pack from a trial.

Take a look at the images below for a closer look at the changes.

The Sims 4: More Information About the Upcoming Pack Trials

Source: Crosimmer

Crosimmer also went on to share that the “requirements information” doesn’t appear to by exclusive to the Game Trials but to save files created after the April 27th, 2021 patch. He also shared that if you disable packs using the command line in Origin you will also see the  “Get Missing Packs” pop up.

While it is still unclear as to what packs Game Trials will be available for or if they will just be limited to Expansion Packs, we are hoping to hear more about this very soon.

You can read our original post about the Game Trials here and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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