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Create Your Own Festival Stage in The Sims 4


While the Sims Sessions Event has come to an end, you can keep the festival feeling going by creating your own Sims Sessions inspired lot.

Create Your Own Festival Stage in The Sims 4

Even though, it is not possible to use the Debug Sims Sessions stage on its own, as your Sims are unable to use the stage freely due to the game asking you to wait until after the performances are finished despite there being no NPC performances. However, it is quick and easy to make your own custom festival stage. Simply customize it to how you want, and your Sims are almost set to take to the stage.

Before your audience arrives, you might want to make sure you’ve got your Vendor’s set up ready. Simply pick a food vendor of your choice, and you can find the Sims Sessions Festival Vendor in the Debug menu in the catalogue. Don’t worry, you can still buy the festival merchandise too!

Create Your Own Festival Stage in The Sims 4

To assemble your audience, you can either Travel with a group of Sims or use Get Together’s Club feature. Don’t forget that when you are creating your Festival Space to set your Lot Type. You can choose the Lot Type that best suits the type of festival space you are aiming to create.

Now that your Sims are festival ready, it’s time for the main event. Either have your Sim perform on stage or hire performers and enjoy the show!

Create Your Own Festival Stage in The Sims 4

It can be a little chaotic trying to organize your Sims to stand or dance where you want them too, but as long as they are having fun that’s the main thing, right?

Tips & Tricks

  • The Debug menu has lots of wonderful hidden surprises that you can use to make the ultimate festival stage.  Use bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects to access the Debug menu in the catalogue.
  • You can find the Sims Sessions Signage, Festival Vendor, Individual Amp and  Duo Free Standing Speakers in the Debug menu.
  • Missing Bebe Rexha, Joy Oladokun and Dave Bayley from the Sims Sessions event? You can download them from The Gallery and add them straight into your game!
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative! There are countless possibilities and themes you can use to make your own festival spaces.
  • Think outside the box. Think about things you’ve seen when you’ve visited events, concerts and festivals in the past. Why not add a merch stand or a VIP area near the stage for performers to relax before and after the show?

Create Your Own Festival Stage in The Sims 4

Let us know what kind of festival space you are going to create and who you would love to see perform there in the comments below!

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