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The Sims 4: Eloping in a Destination World

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Are you tired of planning elaborate weddings in The Sims 4? Are you done with spending hours planning outfits and decorating and hiring caterers and entertainers just to have all the guests dancing in the aisle during the vows and the hired staff stand around doing nothing for the entire event? Yeah, me too. Weddings in The Sims 4 kind of… suck, to put it bluntly.

Of course, you could always just have your Sims elope immediately wherever they happen to be standing in whatever clothes they’re in. No event planning, no hassle. Just boom! Married! But that’s always felt a little anticlimactic to me. It doesn’t feel very special or romantic to exchange a pair of rings in a flooded bathroom in your underwear. Just saying.

I wanted a no-stress, no-hassle wedding for my Sims that still felt special and romantic. That’s when it hit me; a destination wedding!

The Sims 4: Eloping in a Destination World

While we cannot hold a wedding social event while on vacation, our Sims can elope anywhere. Wouldn’t it be romantic to run off somewhere secluded on a trip and tie the knot in secret? Well, that’s exactly what my Sims did! It was super easy and stress-free with no annoyingly useless staff or rude guests. Just my Sims saying their vows somewhere idyllic and peaceful. I was able to have the romantic and special moment I wanted for my Sims without all of the hassle of a big formal event, which was perfect for these two.

The Sims 4: Eloping in a Destination World

Getting things started was as easy as booking a vacation. I opted to take a short trip to Granite Falls where my Sims rented a cozy and romantic honeymoon cabin. If you’d like to read about how I built the cabin, check out my other article, Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin.

Once my soon-to-be-married couple arrived at their cute little cabin, the hot tub was the perfect place to get cuddly and put them both in the mood for romance. This wedding was not planned in advance; it was supposed to be just a small weekend trip to alleviate some stress going on at home but one thing leads to another and my Sim gets down on one knee to propose! The proposal is eagerly accepted and still on that vacation high, these two lovers run off into the woods together to get married in secret.

I gave them some flowery veils that I imagine they made from picking wildflowers in Granite Falls and put them in semi-casual dresses they might have already had packed for their trip and sent them deep into the woods where the hermit lives. They picked a beautiful spot by the waterfall at night underneath twinkling stars and that’s where I picked the Elope Immediately option.

The Sims 4: Eloping in a Destination World

It’s amazing what something as simple as a change of location can do to elevate a moment and make it feel more meaningful. It was one of the most intimate, romantic wedding ceremonies I’ve ever held in The Sims and there wasn’t a single wedding guest anywhere. In fact, there wasn’t a single Sim at all in the area except for my two Sims. Just them by a beautiful waterfall underneath the stars and their love for each other. It was truly a special moment. Absolutely perfect in every way and zero stress involved.

Well… perfect apart from a few mosquitos.

The Sims 4: Eloping in a Destination World

So if you’re like me and have grown tired of traditional weddings but still want a special and meaningful ceremony for your Sims, give an impromptu destination wedding a try!

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  • Poses by Mystelise and SnarkyWitch
  • Hair by MLys
  • Veils by candycottonchublack swatch added by me but not released as I did not get permission to share it; it was just for my own personal use
  • Cabin Gallery art (no CC) by FruitLoops40
  • Reshade by sunflowersyrup

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