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The Sims 4 Fixer Upper: Challenge #2 Showcase

We recently revealed our second Fixer Upper challenge, and we were blown away by how many people took to the challenge and helped us fix our overgrown and neglected Daisy Hovel!

The aim of the challenge was to renovate the build and turn it into a First Home for an individual/couple of Sims. You can read the full challenge details here.

Thank you to everyone who came to the rescue! There are some absolutely amazing renovations created, and here are some of our favourites that were shared to The Gallery!

Don’t worry if you didn’t upload your Lot to The Gallery before the cut-off for the showcase, you can still download the lot and renovate at anytime by searching for LeeksEverywhere on The Gallery and downloading the Daisy Hovel Fixer Upper build!


What caught my attention for Hlgale92241’s build was how they used the new All The Rage Plant Cage from the Blooming Rooms Kit to decorate the driveway as well as the addition of the conservatory to the lot as well. Of course, I wasn’t ready for all of smaller details and use of Debug items throughout the lot, but everything came together so nicely and this isn’t honestly a plant lover’s dream home!

Click here to view on The Gallery.


Modern and colourful with a lovely garden space. This renovation is perfect for a Sim’s first home. Who knows what memories these Sims will make here!

Click here to view on The Gallery.


This renovation by SmallFries535 is a lovely first home for Sims wanting to live in Mt. Komorebi. I love how the entrance was moved to the side of the lot and how everything flowed together nicely. There are plenty of smaller accents throughout the build that really makes this lot feel like a home and the garden space is beautiful too!

Click here to view on The Gallery.


From the outside, this lots by ShazzaUK70 looks like a modern renovation of the previous Daisy Hovel. However, when you take a closer look, you will find the addition of the bedroom being moved into the newly added basement! This works really well and really gives the upper floor plenty of space and variety! Add a very colourful garden and I’m sure Sims would be jumping at this renovation to be their first home!

Click here to view on The Gallery.

You can find all the builds featured in this post and many more over on The Gallery by searching the hashtag #SCDaisyHovel.

What would you like to see in our next Fixer Upper build? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media!

Note: The Fixer Upper Challenges are not a part of our monthly Sims Community Challenges. To find out more about the Sims Community Challenges, click here.

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