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The Sims 4 Fixer Upper: Café Challenge Showcase


Add new Cafés to your worlds

Welcome to our first Fixer Upper Showcase for this year!

The task was for this challenge was to renovate this rather run down and forgotten about Café. We left the theme for the Café for the community to chose and there have been some incredible cafés created!

You can read the full details about the Café Fixer Upper Challenge here!

Here are some of our favourite Cafés from this month’s challenge!


I loved Maanodore’s version of our café. It was nice and simple, and I liked how they used of the large windows that would let the lower flower of the Café be filled with lots of natural light. The added car parking area was a brilliant use of the extra space at the back of the lot, too!

Click here to view on The Gallery.


The Jungle theme for NessaLuca’s Café really grabbed my attention, and it really brought the café to life! The use of the plants both in and outdoors is perfect and the outdoor decked area will be lovely for Sims to hang out and catch up with, especially during the sunnier weather.

Click here to view on The Gallery.


If you were ever looking for a Beach inspired Café for Sulani then definitely check out this Café renovation by LamammaForever! The colour combinations are perfect, and I can’t wait to have my Sims enjoy a nice coffee here while looking over the ocean!

Click here to view on The Gallery.


Everything about this renovation is completely adorable! I love the outdoor area, the little seating area at the front of the café, the colours, everything!

Click here to view on The Gallery.

Thank you to everyone who shared their creations for the February Fixer Upper Challenge! We loved each and every single one, and don’t forget, you can find all the creations for this challenge under the #SCCafe hashtag!

Stay tuned for our next challenge!

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