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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is severely broken

Let’s check out the stability of the latest Game Pack.

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories has been out for a couple of hours now. Although I’ve had a chance to play with the Early Access version of the Game Pack since Thursday last week, I wanted to give this Pack a chance after the public release and see if anything’s been changed. We’ve been told that the software of the pack that we played in Early Access was not final software, so let’s see how today’s public release stands.

This article will mostly touch on the subject of features within planning and attending the main Wedding Ceremony in the game. Which is also one of the main aspects of this Game Pack. To make sure this article is fair, I’ve made sure that all my Mods and CC are disabled. I’ve also Repaired my game through Origin after the latest update just to make sure everything’s correct from my end.

Let’s begin!

I started with a just-engaged Household that I created in a new Save Game and went around Tartosa to meet up with the locals that I could assign and invite for my wedding. The Lounge was already bustling with plenty of Sims that I could have at my wedding so I went to work!

This time around, compared to the Early Access Software version of the game that I was playing, I was able to properly assign roles for each Sim when planning the event.

The activities? I’ve selected each one just to make sure I can cover most of them and see how they work during the Wedding Ceremony. Little did I know that I’d simply not have enough time to cover each activity due to Sims misbehaving during the event…

The Guest Attire? I’ve selected the BoHo Dress Code with the color yellow for guests to wear. I didn’t go too much into specifics for assigning my couple a special Wedding dress as I already customized their Formalwear in CAS beforehand.

The place? A Beach Wedding Venue!

Interestingly enough, Wedding Venues appear listed in the “Select a Location” prompt list only if you have The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack. Unfortunately those who want to throw a Wedding Ceremony with the Base Game only won’t be able to do so even after the latest Game Update.

The only thing that was left for me to plan out was the Wedding Cake, which I purchased down at the stall in Tartosa.

That’s pretty much all the essentials needed to plan a perfect wedding in this Game Pack. Only if it worked properly.

Let the wedding chaos commence

The Wedding Day has arrived and all of my Sims were sent down to the Beach to commemorate this beautiful day. Unfortunately, right of the bat I noticed the first glitch – none of the Sims that I invited to the wedding followed the Dress Code rules. Not only did they not follow the Color and Attire Style rules I assigned – they came to the wedding wearing Everyday outfits. My soon-to-be-brides included.

Instead of walking down the aisle together I had my Sims walk down the aisle individually. No idea why I did that – let’s just call it an Editor’s mistake from my end.

@SimMatically had reported on Twitter about their Sims walking down the exact same aisle. They took a very glitchy route, but at least arrived to their destination in the end.

I ordered my Sims to begin exchanging vows with the Officiant. Before I explain what went down during vow exchange, let’s just take a quick look at how the wedding looked like so far.

  • I ordered my Sims to Please Take their Seats. They listened for a brief few seconds and started getting involved in their own conversations.
  • Everyone came to their Everyday Outfits. I at least had control over my Brides to change into Formalwear.
  • In the end, Sims started switching seats and even started standing up autonomously.

Okay, I guess it’s not that bad. At least 80% of my guests were at least seated properly.

As the wedding continued, Sims started moving their conversations next to the Wedding Arch. I guess the hot gossip between Brent and Dominique was so important that it had to interrupt the entire wedding.

The interactions to send down my assigned Flower Pal and Ring Bearer didn’t work, as those Sims were already so busy having conversations and not paying attention.

The officiant? He never arrived at the Wedding Arch. Instead I had Brent and Dominique’s hot gossip to officiate my couple’s wedding.

Hooray – my Sims are finally married!

I was at least able to do the most important part of the Wedding successfully. How about we celebrate by cutting the cake?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. No matter how many times I would reset my Sims they weren’t able to perform the interaction.

And the guests? They were still heavily involved discussing important things back there. Even after ordering them all to participate in a Toast.

My Sims were at least able to exchange pieces of Cake together.

The Wedding Cake being cut into triggered all of my guests to Grab a Slice and eat. This autonomous decision to eat cake worked, but specifically ordering them to gather by the wedding cake to Have Speeches didn’t.

It was already dark, somewhere around 9PM in-game. My Sims were able to successfully slow dance to misbehaving guests in the background.

The command that orders guests to Throw Rice at my Sim surprisingly worked and each guest followed the command properly. I was surprised to see them listening to my orders for the first time in a while!

I tried to celebrate this euphoric moment with a Spousal Kiss. That too didn’t work unfortunately.

Ordering Sims to celebrate by dancing together was met with plenty of interaction loopholes. Instead, I was successfully able to group 8 Sims together and have them dance.

It’s almost 3AM in-game. The so-called Wedding Ceremony has turned into an episode of Survivor. If there was any justice during this Wedding Ceremony it’s that Dominique who couldn’t stop interrupting my wedding wet herself in the end in front of everyone.

This is the main aspect of The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories and unfortunately it’s severely mismanaged and broken.

Truth be told, this Game Pack shouldn’t have been released in this state where most of the main activities and gameplay features don’t work properly.

Originally I had planned to feature some of the responses from my tweet asking about which Bugs and Issues players have experienced. In the end, the number of hundreds of replies to this Tweet is a decent indicator about the experiences of other players. You can look through similar experiences that people went through in the replies below:

If you play The Sims 4 on PC / Mac you’re already able to get a Mod that solves most of the chaos of guests not listening.

If you play on Console I’m really sorry.

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