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Everything included in the Katy Perry Sweet Treats CC Pack for The Sims 4

Greetings loved ones, let’s take a journey…

Earlier, we reported that players were working on a revival of the much loved/hated Katy Perry Sweet Treats stuff pack, originally released ten years ago for The Sims 3. LittleDica and many other talented creators and Katy Perry fans came together to lovingly recreate this iconic, limited-edition stuff pack in The Sims 4.

We had the honour of exploring the early access of this huge CC collection that not only recreates the items from The Sims 3’s stuff pack but expands on the original Build/Buy catalogue with all new items all themed around Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream era! We were amazed by these objects both old and new. Every item has been carefully retextured to match perfectly with The Sims 4’s art style and the quality is just stunning.

We’ve compiled all the contents of this CC pack for you below! Check out the catalogue overview and in-game close ups of each object (all swatches included!)

The Katy Perry Sweet Treats CC Pack is currently in early access but will be made public on April 24th!

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Catalogue Overview

Build Mode

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Swatch Closeups

Build Mode

Buy Mode


In addition to all the new objects, there are several new lots that come with this CC pack that use various pieces from this set. All buildings are shells so you have the freedom to decorate them however you like!

Remember, custom lots go into your Tray folder, not your Mods folder!


And of course what would a Katy Perry CC pack be without Katy the Lady herself? Since this CC pack does not contain any CAS pieces, Katy is CC-free!

Remember, households go into your Tray folder, not your Mods folder!

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