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Bring Lacking Masculine Fashion to The Sims 4 with this CC Pack!


Dress your masculine Sims in over 50 new CC clothing pieces from this huge collection!

Are you frustrated with the lack of masculine clothing in The Sims 4? We are, too. Not only is there a huge lack of masculine clothes in the game but the masculine clothes we do have are dated and bland with very little variety in patterns and colours. The fandom has been practically screaming for more masculine clothes in the game for years and so far, The Sims has responded with one male clothing kit which… was not the vibe most of us were looking for. We asked for modern menswear, not… cable knit sweaters with lace doilies…

Anyway, all griping aside, we’re here to help you bridge the clothing gap with a HUGE set of custom male clothes and accessories brought to you by the creator, liliili-sims!

The set has over 50 items in total that range from hats to accessories to tops, bottoms, and shoes. A handful of the pieces are just accessory overlays for the undershirts of the layered tops to provide you with more colour combinations but we’re going to do a full overview of all the other pieces here for you today.

Since almost every item has 20+ swatches, we’re going to pick out some of our favourite combinations at the end of our overview and model them for you to give you an idea of some of the different looks you can create by mixing and matching swatches.

Hats (5)

Tops (17)

Bottoms (12)

Shoes (4)

Body Accessories (6)

Head Accessories (8)

Our Favourite Looks

As promised, we wanted to show you some of our personal favourite looks from this amazing collection in our personal favourite swatches! We just love the wide variety of both loud colourful patterns and solid colours in muted tones for this set. It really allows you to get creative and create any type of look you want with these pieces. We’re also huge fans of the more unique accessory pieces, like the belts, pocket chains, and camera and backpack! Adding these kinds of touches really make masculine Sims look more individual and unique.

Bring Lacking Masculine Fashion to The Sims 4 with this CC Pack!
Reshade by sunflowersyrup | Poses by KatVerse

Of course, these are only a tiny fragment of the different styles and combinations you can achieve with just this CC set alone so if you like what you’ve seen of the set here, we definitely recommend adding the full collection to your game and letting your imagination go wild with what you can accomplish with your masculine Sims!

This male CC collection is base game compatible and you can get it from liliili-sims‘ website for free right now!

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