The Sims 4 High School Years

What is the next Expansion Pack About?


We have several theories and we want to hear yours!

Only a couple of hours until the full reveal of The Sims 4 Teenage Dream High School Graduation Cap S Scribbles Inspired Expansion Pack!

What is the next Expansion Pack About?

The Rise & Shine Teaser has showcased some possible teasers regarding the upcoming Expansion Pack, including;

  • A Graduation Cap with Crayons
  • An S Scribble in the corner
  • I think that’s about it?

Moving to the official video teaser from The Sims Team, we have some information from EA Creators that could hint at the possible upcoming High School content:

In the video interview, EA asks the Creators a series of questions on the past experiences as Teenagers:

The players answered with some fun questions in the video!

What is the next Expansion Pack About?

Here are the replies:

  • “Incredibly awkward and nerdy”
  • “Don’t judge me!”

The parts they loved:

  • “Doing what I want to do!”
  • “Reinvent myself and test things out about myself.”

If there was drama involved what advice they’d share:

  • “Nobody cares what you are doing!”
  • “Not to take things so seriously.”

And if they’d do it again:

  • “Definitely want to go back and prove that I’m the best!”

And that’s about it we know from the Teaser until the full reveal tomorrow!

What is the next Expansion Pack About?

That is all beside the fact that there’s a full blown leak through the EA Survey about a pack named “High School”. A coincidence? I think not. But let’s see what you think!

What do you think the next Expansion Pack is about?

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Leave your thoughts, opinions, replies and everything regarding the upcoming Expansion Pack below. And remember, we will keep you updated on all things The Sims 4 right here on Sims Community!

Oh, we also just now updated the article with these cool Teenagers! The Pack. Wallpapers for your Smartphones!

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