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Wants and Fears in The Sims 4 are Very Limited


It’s been confirmed that Wants and Fears completely ignore 8 years of previous content.

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Wants and Fears are finally here to The Sims 4! The latest update for the Base Game added so many things, on top of which are Wants and Fears which first have been introduced with The Sims 2.

Many players, including myself, have been wanting to get my hands on this Feature. Especially with the name of the feature “Wants and Fears” which has been taken from TS2, you’d think that the Feature will meet at least some of the players expectations.

Wants and Fears in The Sims 4 are Very Limited

SnarkyWitch wrote a whole Guide on Wants & Fears in The Sims 4 if you want to learn all about the Feature and what it brings!

Our author was also able to determine some minor Pack tie-ins:

When I was looking at the tuning files for the fears, I did notice some pack integration. For example, vampires are less likely to develop a fear of the dark, and Sims with the Paranoid trait from StrangerVille are more likely to develop a fear of being cheated on. It would be nice to have fears exclusive to packs, though, such as a fear of falling (Snowy Escape) or a fear of The Mother (StrangerVille).

However, that’s about it. This Base Game Feature has been further clarified by SimGuruGeorge. He confirmed that Wants and Fears will NOT work retroactively, only current Base Game Wants & Fears, as well as High School Years Wants and Fears. Previous Expansion Packs, Game Packs, Stuff Packs (and even Kits if we count in the Dirt System) DO NOT have specific Wants and Fears.

While creating High School Years we focused on that pack and adding previous base game content with the time we had.

Future packs and updates could add more where it makes sense.

There could be a promise for future Pack releases and new features coming through future Update. Emphasis on could.

The feature that many thought would be the return of a good gameplay system turns out to completely ignore 8 years of content for The Sims 4. Personally, I am very disappointed in this decision.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know!

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