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Batch Fix Your The Sims 4 CC Beds!


Sims 4 Studio received an important update!

The Sims 4’s recent Update has caused issues with Custom Content Beds. Because of the new Bed Interactions, many beds were left unfunctionable until Creators got to manually update them.

Well, if you’re either a creator who’s tired of updating or a player who’s tired of searching for updates – you no longer have to worry!

Sims4Studio, a great program companion for The Sims 4 has just received another important update. If you’re an avid user of this program (or just starting out) this is a great solution for fixing your CC Beds! (Content Management Update)

+ Added a batch fix “Objects > Fix Bed Slots (High School Years EP) to fix the issue with placing CC beds and ability to have pillow fights/homework on them.
+ Batch fixes will no longer fail to start if there is a corrupt save game file in the save folder.

[DLC]+ Fixed a bug that caused Little Campers Kit content to not show up in Studio.

[General]+ Fixed an issue with the batch export cheat code that could cause an out of memory error.

[Translations]+ Included more Swedish language corrections by Letrax.

[Tuning]+ Fixed a bug with the last update that caused Whim tuning resources to not actually extract

Batch Fix Your The Sims 4 CC Beds!

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