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The Sims 4’s Groundhog Day Issue


Is your Save Game not Saving? You’re not the only one.

The Sims 4’s recent update for High School Years has started a new roll of issues for players. After some of the issues being addressed in a Hot Fix Update, one of the major game issues remained still: Not being able to save properly.

The community at the moment calls this issue “Groundhog Day”. Why, you might ask?

EA AHQ Member taytay444555 opened a Thread describing the issue:

I cannot progress in the game because every load transition either through save/exit, CAS, or Manage world takes my game back to the day I loaded in at the start. For example, I load into the game on a Tuesday…play the game until Sunday, and try to edit a baby NPC that has now turned into a toddler. Go into manage worlds and the toddler is now a baby again, exit CAS and load back into my household…and it is back to Tuesday(hence why the toddler is back to a baby because the age reset). The same happens if I save from Sunday, exit game, then come back it will still be Tuesday again once loaded in. I took out all mods, and rolled back the save to a later date than that Tuesday but it just does the same with that date as well. 

P.S. this household is primarily using the new werewolf game pack. I did not have this issue until I updated my game with the latest patch for high school years on July 26-27th

The issue of the game is a bit stressful if you’ve ever encountered it yourself. The game affirms players that the game has been saved, only for the player to realize that they are back where they started before saving the game.

The issue is widely present to players who have Mods (especially MCCC) installed. At least it was the main cause of issues in the beginning. After days of troubleshooting PC players without mods and Console players have started reporting the issue too. Even after the latest Hot Fix Update for The Sims 4.

EA AHQ Hero crinrict has posted a useful list of Symptoms and Things To Try:

Symptoms seen for this

  • The game doesn’t save. When reloading the game, it’s in the exact state it was before playing on the last session
  • The game only saves part. Some progress is reset. This includes skill progress, XP progress for Occult, building changes and other things
  • When loading into another lot, the time reverts to when you first loaded the game.
  • Werewolves (and probably other occult) loose all their points and even corrupt more. (there is currently a dedicated thread for this here)
  • Sims age up and then when reloading age down again.

Things to try

  • Remove ALL your mods completely from the game (this includes files put in the saves folder by the mod)
  • Delete the localthumbcache file
  • If you had point resetting and other things besides the time reverts and saved your game, you will need to load a backup or they will still be gone. Removing mods does nor revert lost progress.
  • Keep backups and do not play any saves you wish your mod settings to retain until the problem is solved.

If you are experiencing issues with the Groundhog Day Save Bug in The Sims 4, SimGuruQARoboto advises to share your Save Game with them for further troubleshooting:


For anyone seeing this issue with saves that never had mods installed, would you be willing to share affected save files?

Have you encountered this issue?

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