The Sims 4 High School Years

The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs


Sims are texting themselves, High School Schedules are off, There are Holes in the Ceilings. And more.

Ever since the High School Never Ends Patch dropped on July 26th, major bug after major bug has been reported from the community. EA even put a warning in the game so people know to use normal lifespan to prevent the aging glitch. But what about the other bugs? Here’s a list of some of the more prevalent bugs reported by the community.

High School Never Ends Patch Bugs

One of the biggest features of this new patch was curved walls. But, when people started experimenting with them and building unique structures, they started to find problems with them. There are holes in the ceilings and sometimes the floors, problems with putting curved walls inside, and even difficulties stacking round rooms asymetrically.

Another major problem in the patch was with the Wants and Fears system. Sims with families now have wants to date other family members. It’s definitely disturbing to have your Sims randomly do this and hopefully, they will be able to fix this soon!

Celebrities can be annoying, but what’s more annoying is when everyone randomly becomes a celebrity. These sims are not permanently celebrities, but having everyone become Global Superstars is a bit frustrating. Especially when it’s a cat.

The aging bug is the most problematic of all bugs listed so far. Playing on long lifespan especially can cause extra days to be added to your Sims’ ages every time you enter and exit CAS. This error is so bad that EA had been warning about it and we are thankful for that.

Some other bugs include: when traveling, the Sim selection is now greyed out except for Sims in your neighborhood, Sims reset while live streaming, and Sims can’t retire. Carl created a mod to fix the Sims’ Retirement bug and you can find it here.

High School Years EP Bugs

Even the launch of High School Years started badly. People weren’t able to download the Expansion pack because of an Origin outage. But, there are also bugs inside the pack as well!

This seems to be an installation bug, possibly through Steam, where people don’t have words in their game. There is no official fix for this bug, unfortunately. You can try repairing your game.

The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs
Screenshot Courtesy of Mira♡Mira

How to Repair Your Game

Steam: Right-click your game icon, and click properties. Select the local files tab. Then, choose verify the integrity of game files.
EA Desktop: Right-click your game and choose Repair.
Origin: Right-click your game and choose Repair.

Another bug is that two Copperdales are showing up on the map. This has happened with previous releases, including The Sims 4 Werewolves.

To fix this error, you need to:

  1. Make sure you back up the save file. Always do this before making major changes to your game.
  2. Load the save game and upload all the families and builds you want to keep in the affected world to your library. Do not have to worry about premade families, they will be automatically added back unless you altered the Sims. If you changed the premade families, then you’ll need to upload them as well.
  3. Disable or uninstall the pack. We recommend disabling it using James Turner’s Pack Disable Tool. To use this, click on the packs you do not want in your game, then copy the code at the top. In Origin, right-click your game and choose Properties. Click Advanced Options, then paste it into the text box called Command Line Arguments.
  4. Load the save. There will be an error message saying that data is missing. Don’t worry that the world is grey.
  5. Click Save As with a new name.
  6. Close the game
  7. Install or Delete the line you pasted into Command Line Arguments
  8. Open your save and there should only be one world.
  9. You will need to put down all your previously edited sims and builds from that world that you saved to your library.

Other High School Bugs

A couple of other bugs with the High school Years pack include clicking on a child’s relationship in the relationship panel contributes to the Social Butterfly aspiration goal to Meet 5 Sims, scheduling problems between multiple high school-related activities, and Sims DM’ing themselves.

The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs
Screenshot Courtesy of SailorEffinMoon
The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs
Screenshot Courtesy of Tsukichild
The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs
Screenshot Courtesy of Tsukichild
The Sims 4 *and* High School Years Are Filled With Bugs
Screenshot Courtesy of Tsukichild

What other bugs have you noticed in your game? You can share your screenshots and issues below.

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