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Modders figure out Spiral Stairs for The Sims 4


The big Spiral Stairs question has been answered by a talented modding duo. Check out the first teaser!

Spiral Stairs have been a big question for The Sims 4 series for quite some time now. With the release of the Configurable Stairs Update for the game in 2019 the big question regarding Spiral Stairs still remained.

There have been a few solutions in creating Custom Spiral Stairs for the game, but it was all met with huge obstacles in terms of creating good animations for it. Considering that animating Sims for each different axis as they go up the stairs was presented as a huge obstacle, Modders were finding it really difficult to tackle this question.

However, it seems that a solution that accompanies both good animations and good design is coming real soon!

ThePancake1 and MizoreYukkii are a talented Modding duo for The Sims 4 who brought creations such as Bed Cuddle interactions, More Traits in CAS and more have teased their next great venture.


The Spiral Stairs Mod

This modding duo have teased that a full announcement of the upcoming Spiral Stairs Mod is “Coming Soon”.

They’ve also shared the following teaser:

Modders figure out Spiral Stairs for The Sims 4

If the animations and functionality of Custom Spiral Stairs are even remotely close to what these modders have created before, then we can guarantee that the Spiral Stairs Mod will be an amazing addition for the game.

However, we’ll know for certain once the modders make a full announcement. Don’t worry, the full coverage will be waiting for you on Sims Community!

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