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Behind The Sims Summit: Community Poll Highlights

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Let us know your thoughts about this week’s live show!

The Behind The Sims Summit livestream was packed full of information. Ranging from The Sims 4, The Sims Freeplay, The Sims Mobile and more! Obviously, we want to know what players think with a community poll. Especially since there were a few surprise announcements as a part of Behind The Sims Summit.

Let’s not forget about the amazing Phoebe Robinson who was our host for the livestream. As well as features from many familiar faces from Maxis and EA. KelseyDangerous also made an appearance during a segment of the livestream interviewing Simmers. There were definitely some more familiar names and faces popping up throughout the livestream.

We also got a glimpse of a The Sims inspired music video from Anita, and we can’t forget to mention the dance break performed by NextKidz! The song definitely had many people dancing along to it during the stream, too!

Of course, with such a jam packed livestream, it was easy to possibly miss or overlook parts of the event. Don’t worry, as we have you covered with everything that you need to know in our full livestream summary here.

With so many different possible highlights from the livestream, we want to know what your top or favourite moment was from the event in a good old-fashioned community poll!

Behind The Sims Summit: Community Poll Highlights

The community has truly been alight sharing their thoughts and reactions to all the information shared today. As well as what they hope to see in The Sims 4 going forward!

Simply select your three favorite moments from the announcements in the community poll below!

Let’s keep the conversation going by sharing more of your thoughts and reactions from the Behind The Sims Summit livestream in the comments section below!

Want to know more about the announcements from yesterday’s livestream event? You can find everything you need to know and more here. Or you can take a look at another community poll here!

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