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How to create Spooky Lamps in The Sims 4


From creepy to cute, these lamps can fit in any Halloween themed room. Learn how you can create them from scratch!

It’s officially Halloween! Celebrate it in the Sims with these build ideas that can either haunt or flaunt your builds.


Before doing anything, bb.moveobjects on cheat must be on. Unlock the debug menu by opening the cheat bar first with Ctrl+Shift+C then typing in ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ and ‘bb.showliveeditobjects’. Hit Ctrl+Shift+C again to close the cheat bar.

Let’s get started!

1) Baby Doll Lamp

For the Base Game version, search for ‘baby’ in the Build/Buy catalog and select this dark outline of an inanimate Sim baby (don’t worry, it’s just an object).

SL2 1

Or if you have Parenthood, search for ‘booboo’ and select this doll.


Size it up one time with the ‘]’ key and hide its body under an end table. You can also elevate the object if needed by pressing Ctrl+9.


Then to top it all off, add the most expensive table lamp from Base Game (since its stem is hidden easily). Size it down once.


You get these eerie doll head lamps that can give you spooky chills.

2) Mother Plant Lamp

Look for the ‘Strange Sprout Sculpture’ in the StrangerVille game pack and size it down 2 times by clicking ‘]’.


Add any lamp you want but this industrial lamp from Base Game works the best.


This sculpture also comes in a variety of colors so make sure to change your light color too to fit your Halloween mood.

3) Skull Lamp

This just uses the sugar skulls from Base Game! Search for ‘Nadia’, ‘Kevin’, ‘Joel’, or any of the skulls’ names (yes, they have names). Size it down once with the ‘]’ key.


Then use this shaded lamp from Vampires.


Next, place the skull on the table slot first. Then drag it away so it stays at the same height placement. Elevate it one time with Ctrl+9.


Now you should drag the table one square away first. Place the sugar skull where the table was originally. After that, place the table back. This is just to avoid the skull from clipping to the table slot.


They’re not just for Halloween! These skull-base lamps can also work for other cool builds like gothic vintage or teenage bedrooms.


4) Grim Reaper Shade

Grab this Grim toy from Nifty Knitting and size it up once with ‘]’.


Then just do the same method with the skull lamp!


You can also use this technique to display your other knitted plushies.

5) Ghost Candelabra

First, grab this gnome statue from Base Game and size it down one time with ‘]’. Place it on the table slot first then drag it away.


Next, get this 4-candle candelabra from Vampires. Then simply place back the gnome in the table slot.

SL17 1

This spooky guy can now officially haunt your Halloween builds.

6) Floating Ghost Lamp

Use this oil lamp from Base Game and place it on the table.


Then just grab any of these ghost lights from the Spooky stuff pack. Size it down to its smallest size by clicking ‘]’ 3 times.


Elevate it with Ctrl+9 to make it hover inside the lamp. You can press and hold the Alt key to place it precisely inside the lamp.

SL20 1

It looks like ghosts are coming out of the candle!

7) Pink Monster Lamp

Search for ‘puppet’ and use this item from Parenthood. Size it up with the ‘]’ key. Place it on the table and just add and size down the expensive Base Game lamp in a pink shade. This looks best for kids and toddlers too!

Watch this quick tutorial to see how these spooky lamps were done:

Which lamp did you like the most? Comment it down below!

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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